Jeanne Pierre de Caussade was an apostle of grace.

Almost more than anything, the eighteenth century French Jesuit priest de Caussade, wrote about grace:

What grace is

God’s designs, God’s good pleasure, the will of God, the action of God and his grace are all one and the same thing in this life. They are God working in the soul to make it like himself. Perfection is nothing else than the faithful cooperation of the soul with the work of God, and it begins, grows and is consummated in our souls secretly without our being aware of it. TSA:8

What grace does

what grace does is nothing short of marvellous to those who observe it with clear eyes and intelligent minds. There are no rules, yet there is perfect organization; no proper arrangements, yet all is well ordered; no serious thinking, yet profound conclusions; no effort, yet everything done well; no foresight, yet swift adaptation to every new happening. B:105

How grace is discovered

shall I go and seek help from creatures who are powerless, ignorant and without affection? I should die of thirst running from fountain to fountain, from stream to stream, while here is an engulfing sea which surrounds me on all sides with its waters! Everything becomes bread to nourish me, soap to cleanse me, fire to purify me. Everything is a means of grace for my necessities. The very thing that I seek everywhere else seeks me incessantly and gives itself to me by the hand of all creatures. TSA:37

What we need to do

The hands of God, who is infinitely liberal, are always full of graces, and he longs to pour them upon us. All we have to do to receive these graces abundantly is to keep our heart ready and remain continually in an attitude of waiting. But the aridity and boredom of doing so fatigue impatient and hurried souls. These trials repel those who merely have an eye on their own interests instead of letting themselves be led by that pure love which consists in the confirmation of our will to the will of God always and in everything. TL:167

we must ignore the deception of appearances and so enjoy the triumph of faith. B:95

God being that hidden and invisible object towards which all the desires of a pure heart unconsciously tend, the moment that these desires cease to be turned upon creatures, they revert to their natural centre which is God. TL:145

God gives me the grace not to bother about disapproval when I am following the path on which he calls me. Our concern is to please him only; if he is content, that is enough for us, all the rest is a mere nothing. TL:114

The perspective grace brings

It is incredible that, although we have been warned time and time again that all the affairs of the world are but shadows and mysteries to be understood only by faith, we still persist in looking at them as if they had an intrinsic value and reality. B:37

How we live in grace

Do what you are doing now, suffer what you are suffering now; to do all this with holiness, nothing need be changed but your hearts. TSA:18

The outcome of a life of grace

It is true that at first I suffered acutely on seeing myself burdened with a quantity of business and anxieties contrary to my liking for solitude and silence, but see how divine Providence has come to my aid. God gives me the grace to remain unattached to all these affairs, so that my spirit remains always free. I leave their successful issue to his paternal care, so that nothing distresses me. TL:114

Jean Pierre de Caussade