Diocese of British Columbia 97th Synod of the Diocese of BC – Second Sitting

Saturday 23 April 2016 Second Sitting – Registered at Synod:

51 Clergy

97 Lay

Total 148 members

Bishop’s Charge Part I – Vision Introduction

Synod office exists to support and serve the parishes in our Diocese.

I invite you to be a listening Synod in the five directions of the Rule of St. Benedict:

  1. prayer
  2. work
  3. study
  4. renewal – the ability to see beauty in others. Look for that beauty and newness
  5. hospitality – how do I live hospitality to the others at

Wi’la mola ma’nux  “We are travelling together”


Dawn Wall – reflections  on the metaphor of journey

We are on sacred journies  as individuals, each with our own stories, our own turning points, difficult times and joys.

We are on sacred journies as parishes with stories of joy, redemption, forgiveness and healing

We are on a journey as a Diocese. What is our story now? What are we working so hard to save for generations to come?

On our journey we follow the way of Christ and his was the path of suffering and sorrow, of listening to people where they were, meeting them in those dark and frightening places of their lives and bringing hope to those places because his is the way of redemption, forgiveness and resurrection.

There are times we have to tell the painful part of our stories. It is in the telling of those stories and listening to them that we begin to find healing and to re-find the gift of God which is one another.

There are some things we have to put down. Sometimes there are things we don’t have and that we need and we look to one another. Can you offer me this as we go forward/

We need guides on our way, those who are gracious and who are willing to tell us how they have found their way.

In the course of this day we will have many opportunities to speak and to listen at the heart of it is the gift of one another as we walk this sacred journey.

Ian Alexander

Questions we tend to ask when we are on a journey:

Where are we going?

Where have we come from?

Where are we right now?

Where do we go next?

Recap –

Starting with where we are going – What’s our destination? What’s our direction? The direction evolves as the journey unfolds.

Where are we going? There are themes that emerge. Here are some of the places we seem to feel we are being called to go. We seek to be:

A vital revitalized Anglican communion on these islands

A communion that is mutually connected and supporting one another in a strong and loving covenant of trust

nurturing rich, diverse forms individual and collective spiritual formation and practices that show we live out our lives in the world

find new ways of being church rooted in our traditions and expressing them for our time and place

celebrate ministry of all baptized

reaching out to young people and others who may not feel welcome in traditional church

communicate effectively with each other and rest of society

make best possible use of resources

Where have we been?

Spring 2014 – Consecration of Bishop Logan followed by the commissioning of the Diocesan Vision team and the first “listening tour”

Re: Video

a call to metanoia, bold living to Jesus’ proclamation. We have listened and we have prayed for these past months – we believe this is a vision that expresses who we are as we move into who we are called to become

 Fall 2014Vision adopted by Synod with four priorities:

resonant worshiping communities

lay and ordained lea

healthier parishes and ministries

Right relationship, reconciliation

Two foundations:

responsive communication

revision our assets

Jan – Aug 2015

formed Vision Implementation team

Planning and feasibility study team formed

draft document circulated regional consultations held

Video – Vision Fulfilment Journey – May 30, 2015 Bishop Logan: I would hope 5 years from now we could look at congregations and say there is a vitality there. We have the potential of shaping the church as a whole.

fall 2015 – 2nd Synod 96th synod:

  1. commitment to 10 directions
  2. approval of 3 year spending planning $ 1.5 million
  3. commissioned feasibility study for major fundraising campaign

Where are we now?

Waller report done will be discussed today

We have not been standing … the journey continues…

We have made 3 key staff appointments

3 “outwarding” facing diocesan teams

a wide variety of other inititiaves – so much is actually happening.

Executive Officer – Stephen Martin: June 24, 2015 I accepted the invitation to become executive officer. We have a very good staff and we are here for you.

Gail Gautier  – bringing more formal effective methods of tracking and comm.;unicating with parishes and forming relationships that make it easier for our volunteers

January 18, 2016 Catherine Pate – three months reading, learning and listening. I have been on a sacred journey, running to catch up with our Bishop. I have been assessing our technology. I have begun the work of redeveloping our online presence, including our website. I have received lots of ideas, feedback, suggestions. Looking forward to working with you to determine our way forward.

Ian Alexander – fall Synod Bishop highlighted outward facing directions, place our identity interfaces with world outside church. Three groups doing work in these areas –

Relationships Matter Committee  – Lon Towstego – We are not the experts. We are not a funding group. Building partnerships, walking, doing this sacred work that we know is sacred and fragile, that we may make mistakes along the way. We are people on the journey helping to encourage.   We have looked at: Decolonization, Governance models, Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action. What is the future of this journey? The call to action is very important. How do we live this out for decades to come? That is up to us. This is a major paradigm shift in the life of this Diocese. We all have a role  in living this out in being in good relationships.

Creation Matters – Wally Eamer – Parishes and communicates engage, explore, make change, strong relationships with new on-line framework, part of national Creation Matters group. We want to explore for better understanding and make changes in the world. What would a carbon neutral Synod look like? This committee will struggle with these issues. The Rev. Austin Spray has concocted a witches’ brew to attempt to help us to communicate better. Go to facebook – “Creation Matters Diocese of British Columbia” Whenever Holy Spirit comes among people, only a fool thinks they know what the result will be, but it’s going to be neat.

Justice Matters –Nancy Ford – Justice is what love looks like in public. We have members from outside the church. We are working to broaden the voices we have in the group. We have been doing a lot of listening to each other in education, advocacy, engagement and action. We are educating ourselves about and looking at solutions: Homelessness, Hunger, Poverty, Marginalization. Food security.  We have circulated information on social issues during last federal election. We created an opinion piece on poverty and we have been invited to speak to the people through the media. Solidarity with those most affected. Action to relieve distress and effect change. Influencing policy and decision-makers.  We are working to bring depth and extent of systemic marginalization of those who are economically disadvantaged to your attention, you as church and to attention of judicial system and society as a whole. Read judgement of Judge Hinkson around tent city. See where the church stands in that decision. Our voice is beginning to be heard. When the sacred fire was first introduced to tent city a sign said honour yourself, honour others, honour this place.  This is a place where spirituality is discovered, where people are beginning to voice their questions, and state the place of the Creator with us. We are building relationships with those most affected by poverty. This is an amazing moment in time where things are shifting. Things we have not paid attention to are now no longer avoidable.

Brian Rendle – Diocese Refugee Committee –as of Feb. 2016 53 arrived, 53 more being processed, 56 applications being prepared, 3 constituent groups waiting to be matched. 138 people are being rescued. Since September of last year Refugee work of this Diocese has expanded. We have proved we are here for such a time as this. Prior to last Sept. Diocese supported 4-6 refugees per month. The scope of this work is gargantuan.  At least ¾ parishes in this Diocese are directly or indirectly involved in this work. Secular society has noticed our work in this ministry.

More Current Highlights

Connecting the Diocese: Diocesan conf Oct. 2015

Shared ministries – Provincial conference planned Sept. 2016

Leadership formation – Congregational Development College

Youth and Family – 30 young people will attend CLAY Conference in PEI with financial

Asset Management – Community Model where can leverage properties under development with longer term capital plan for new projects

Vision Fund to support current and emerging ministries – each year starting this year we will give out $125,000.00 caping at $10,000.00 per grant – putting out call for expressions of interest now.

For where we go next pass things back to the Bishop.

Bishop Logan – Here’s the deal. You have received pt. 2 of my charge in which I reframe our vision.  At the moment we are disoriented, bewildered, perplexed..

We need to step back and work with the 10 directions in the original vision.

How can we do our work more effectively and efficiently and in relationship to the vision?

Faith in Action – engaging outside ourselves, the church going out in mission – reconcilaiton and beyond, emerging ministries, engaging God’s world

Faith in Formation – looking inside – youth and family life, worship resources, lay ministry/leadership formation.

We do both faith in action and faith in formation in concert.

We have to risk, explore, have courage. Let’s do something different.  We haven’t done enough on lay ministry. We have focused in on ordained ministry and recruitment.

This is a reshaping of our ten directions.

In what ways does this help us focus our vision?

What is missing?