Saturday 23 April 10:40 a.m. Catherine Pate – we have been given a task from the Bishop. Talk for five minutes about what you heard:

Upon hearing the Bishop’s presentation:

did things become clearer?

what might be missing?

Feedback from groups:

has the presentation brought this more into focus for you?

1. yes

2. yes it has – my question is, “What’s our goal?” A vision is one thing, but what’s the goal we are working towards?

Bishop – Catherine has produced a document where she has taken the highlights of each area and put them on one page. But at the last Synod there  is a larger document that drills much deeper.

3. David Stewart – one of the things we see is that more and more retired people are moving up to our area (Duncan) coming into our community for first time. We need to be able to work with these people to draw them in.

4.Brian Evans –  It seems like we jump from seniors to youth. We are missing a serious demographic – families after baby-boomers. We are missing this demographic. They are the ones we need behind us in bringing in the youth.

5. Wally Eamer – three is easier to work with than ten. These three are useful. We have to have the discipline to make it incarnate in our parishes. We don’t have parish ministry plans. We will not understand this in a deep way until we try to see how we will put them into each parish. Until we do that it will be seen as a top management process

6. Mel Good – Why did God allow Satan to break into the church, into residential schools? Satan banished all the kids. We were starving, we were alone. And we are still lonely today. We are lost, the native people. And yet we have a lot of love in us. There is so much love in us. It is nice to be known. It is nice to hear your name. We look for love. Our people have been decimated in residential schools. Where do I live in the world? Do I live in the world of demons? Do I live in the world of angels? We are hurting and he’s attacking us today? Everyday he’s attacking natives. Today in Canada we have 400,000 kids in foster homes. Satan is saying we are going to take your kids. They’re taking all our kids today. We are lost. Canada is still taking our kids, more than residential schools. What can the Anglicans do for us? Can they speak up for us? Hopefully the Diocese can stand up for us, because we’re lost and we’re alone. I see you guys have all your help ready for refugees, but it’s hard to heal in our own house and I’m in your home. Can you see me? Can you hear me? We need love. We need Anglican love. We need all the church love.

7. yes and no – we still are struggling with the fact that ten are too many. Should individual parishes themselves prioritize the 10 or is that too narrow?

8. Catherine Pate – what part of the body are you – what part are you going to do?

9. due to limited resources in smaller parishes we are forced to deal with one or two – what is missing is regional resources. We don’t use our regions effectively at all. We have to get the parishes together and build resources through the regions.

10. Catherine Pate – this is one small piece of a conversation we continue to have. Please continue to talk. We will come back to this later in the agenda. We will be going out to the regions to discuss what this means.