3:10 p.m. Saturday Communication – Catherine Pate

Effective Communications

A new Diocesan website is coming, hopefully to be launched this summer.

You are going to have to build this website. You have to be content generators. This website is for you. It is not to get new bums in the pews. It is to resource you so we can move this vision forward. It is a tool to get us a little further on this walk together.

Once we have this going, we will turn our attention to your own websites.

Please invite me to your parishes, to your Councils. I am happy to work with you on a parish by parish basis.

Archbishop John Privett

Thank you for your incredible hospitality. I feel like I have been home with you in community. Thank you for the chance to be part of this very important Synod.

Your theme is wonderful – “We are travelling together.” “Synod” comes from Greek which means “the way together.” This is God’s people gathered together. The way you have gathered is exemplary. Not all Synods are like this. I want to acknowledge that a great credit for this goes to your bishop. Bishop Logan you have a great gift for speaking and articulating with great faith.

It was a gift to worship with you, as we made space in our worship.

I want to commend your creative agenda that has enabled you to engage together.

I have the privilege of being in many Dioceses. You have an abundance of resources. Diocese of Yukon can no longer afford its bishop. So the Bishop of the Yukon is going to be placed in a parish.

I am aware you are not of one mind. But you are able to converse in a wonderful respectful listening way.

But there are always time pressures. We find ourselves wedded to an agenda and so there is always that tension of giving enough time for all voices to have the chance to feel free to speak.

Conversation is from “converse” which means turn to each other.  You have done that.

You are not alone in the church. Parishes and Diocese across the country are facing challenging times. The challenges we face are new. There is no template. There is no map. You have been able to face and identify some of the real challenges. It is important to name them.

The focus on the work of the TRC, Bishop Logan’s determination to move forward towards reconciliation is very important. You are leading the way in the Province.

I commend the refugee report and the extraordinary response.

We often miss other opportunities. Many refugees are from Muslim communities. This is an opportunity to learn from others.

I want to commend Rob Waller’s amazing report. It is a courageous report. It gives you a critically important snapshot. I want to thank Rob for that and commend the report for your consideration.

You now are facing a major discernment together. You need further engagement with these challenges.

Trust has showed up regularly in the conversation. Trust is a critically important matter of faith. At the heart of our faith is a relationship of trust. Can we trust God’s leadership and guidance? In the process can we learn to trust one another?

At the bottom line, to earn trust, we need to be trustworthy. It takes time.

Focus – you are wrestling with that. Your Diocesan case is really large. The challenge of refining this. Bringing it into focus people can remember.

We are living in times of change. Some of the things we have done in the past no longer work for us. We are in a period of adaptive change. There is no blueprint. We have to build our boat as we float. It means permission giving, respectful listening and care for each other and we need to respect the boat.

Leadership – we know it is key. These are not easy times for church leaders. A continuing message I hear is that our leadership is feeling stressed. We really need to care for our leaders. Leaders are our treasure. Many of our leaders are equipped for a church that is different now than it was.

The Scriptures talk about kairos which is God’s time. The discernment is about asking about God’s time.

Let God seize us in these times. Let God take hold of us and do with us what God would do.

In faith, join hands and inspire hope.