3:30 p.m. Closing Remarks from Bishop Logan

There is so much that I could say to you. I will keep my re-charge to you shorter and Imelda will get you a written copy.

I want to honour you as Synod. Thank you for your work over the last couple of days in this place.

A couple of words from last night’s Gospel reading: “do not be afraid.”

“Do not be afraid” as we move forward, because we do not move forward alone. We move forward in the power of God.

There is no group in Toronto called the Diocese of British Columbia. The Synod Office is not the Diocese of British Columbia. The staff are there to facilitate the work of the Diocese. You are the Diocese of British Columbia. It’s our work; it’s our report; it’s our journey. When people say “the Diocese”, think about us.

I am encouraged that I have started to hear language change as we move forward.

In May there is a clergy conference coming up. At that conference we will start looking at some of the issues in the Waller Report.

There are number of areas we need to move forward:

faith and foundations – that is the work of Diocesan Council and finance. They need to look at those areas.

We need three teams as we move forward:

1. to imiplement the faith in action and faith in formation, start to dig deeper and how we share that information in parishes. I want people to share the vision.

2. team to work with me and travel around the parishes on another listening tour. It is important to listen, particularly in healing. There is pain; there is loss; there is grief and it has to do with the dissestablishment of parishes. We need to work with the grief over the loss of children. We need to work through that. We need to come to terms with the death of Camp Columbia.

3. I hope the Vision Fulfillment Journey team will continue to do their work. I am aware that the parish of St. John the Evangelist and the sadness that you have voted to close after 112 years.

What I have heard is that there is a lot of work to be done. But I really believe we are up to this work. I ask  you to be attentive to moving away from telling a problem saturated story. Let us start telling another story in the life of this Diocese that tells us we are people of the resurrection and watches for that life in our Diocese. Creation doesn’t lose anything. There is new life and new birth coming from dead trees. Tell others when you see that new life.

“Waiting On The Light To Change”

I believe that’s where we are as a Diocese. And the light is going to change really really quickly.

One last thing. We are about following Jesus. Structural means nothing unless in our parishes we leave lives changed by Jesus. That’s who we are. That’s what we are about.