Eight years ago this week, I sent my first little missive out into cyberspace at http://inaspaciousplace.blogspot.ca/2008/07/introduction.html

blog 1I went on to post 74 times at http://inaspaciousplace.blogspot.ca/. On 2 April 2010 I moved my blog to wordpress where I have currently posted 2,247 times. That is over 1 million words.

In the introduction to my blog at blospot , I wrote that:

This blog is intended to be a stopping place. I want to stop. I want to breathe. And I want to see what emerges from that stopping place. I want to discover what is there when I give myself space, or, perhaps better, when I enable myself to be in the “spacious place,” that in fact has already been provided for me by God. What emerges in this spacious place may be of no interest to anyone other than myself. But, whether or not what I find in that “spacious place” is of interest to anyone else is not of primary importance.


There have been times since I wrote those words when I have lost touch with that original intention. There have been times when this “spacious place” has been less spacious than I originally hoped. Clutter is an ever-present danger lurking at the edges of every well-intentioned enterprise.

So now it is time “to stop” again. It is time to stop pouring words out into cyberspace. It is time to return to that spacious place where my spirit is nourished and I can reconnect with the deep well-spring of life.

I have tried over the past eight years with varying degrees of success to take a break from IASP.

The truth is that I have a somewhat obsessive compulsive nature which tends to operate either “on” or “off.” If I am “on” I am all the way “on”, blogging at least every day and worrying that the sky may fall if I skip a day. If I am “off”, I just stop.

Now it is time to stop.

I am going to try to be more disciplined about taking a break from blogging this summer. I am going to attempt to hold myself firmly to being “off” for longer than I have since I began this early morning typing exercise.

I am not sure if I will be able to return to a more balanced practice of production in this space after some time away. It may be that I need a longer “sabbatical” from IASP than I have taken before.

blog 2

Whatever the future holds for this little wordpress location, I know that I need to open up space in my life again and see what may emerge.

It is appropriate that, as I send out this final blog for a while, Heather and I are heading off to Salt Spring Island to teach an Introduction to Centering Prayer workshop. Silent meditative prayer is the cornerstone of my spiritual life. Eight years ago when I wrote the introduction to IASP, I reflected on the place of Centering Prayer in my life saying,

When we sit in silent prayer we are encountering at a cellular level that our lives are a gift. There is nothing we need to do except receive that gift. The purpose of my life is to breathe. When I start from this place of absolute openness and receptivity, I will act and live with a new consciousness.

It is time to breathe. It is time to open and become receptive again, to reconnect with that “new consciousness” that is the gift of being and the promise of true life.

Bless all of you who have been faithful readers and sometimes commenters here at IASP. May the space that opens in your life as a result of no longer filling it with these words, be for you a source of rich blessing and light.

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