It turns out, I did not need to bother this morning trying to explain the religious right’s support for Donald Trump, Jerry Falwell Jr. himself has come to my aid and explained his endorsement of Donald Trump for president of the United States with an Op-Ed piece at the Washington Post (

The junior Falwell warns that, without Donald Trump at the helm, the US will face “suffer dire consequences.”

Among these “dire consequences” will be a terrifying Supreme Court established by a Democratic president who will appoint

activist judges who will rewrite our Constitution in ways that would make it unrecognizable to our founders.

Then of course there is the little matter of guns. Under a Democratic president, citizens of the US will lose

the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Falwell also raises the frightening specter of a country that under Democratic rule will continue to be abandoned to “weak leadership” that is dominated by a dreaded “leftist agenda.”

On the international scene Falwell is afraid of an “unstable and unsafe” world which seems to have been single-handedly created by Barack Obama, who apparently may have wanted to create the so-called “Islamic State”.  Apparently, Obama’s

policies had the intended or unintended effect (we will be debating that for decades) of breathing life into the lungs of the terrorist group.  

Did Falwell really suggest Obama may have intended to create international terrorism? Who is going to be “debating that for decades” with Mr. Falwell?

The other vision that is haunting Mr. Falwell’s sleepless nights is of course the horrifying prospect of Mr. Trump’s opponent actually making it into the Whitehorse and the ensuing end of human civilization she will quickly bring upon the world.

With Hillary in power the world will be become even more unstable and frightening.  So terrifying is this possibility that

Our nation’s future truly hangs in the balance.

Armageddon is upon us.  The “first priority must be saving our nation.” The hordes are at the gates.

If you are not frightened enough by now, Falwell conjures up the world “of the late 1930s” warning,

We could be on the precipice of international conflict like nothing we have seen since World War II. Obama and Clinton are the Neville Chamberlains of our time.

And at in the land of the crumbling “land of the free and the home of the brave” in Falwell’s dark dystopian vision, “anarchy is erupting in our cities.”

The fear-mongering is almost breathless.

The only solution is to elect the billionaire from New York because he is

a strong leader, one who is not afraid to call the enemy by its name and to take the battle to that enemy if necessary.

Trump possesses the resolve to put his country first and to never give up in a world that is increasingly hostile to our values.

“Resolve” will do it. Mr. Trump does not need policy, integrity, morality, or honesty; he’s got “resolve” which will enable Mr. Trump to

rebuild America’s respect overseas.

It seems to have passed by Mr. Falwell Jr.’s attention that Donald Trump is having a fairly difficult time building much respect in his own little corner of the world, among a population well-versed in the billionaire’s fabulous track record of “winning”. And Trump’s record so far of finding respect internationally is even more dismal.

With this offering from Mr. Falwell who purports to speak from a Christian perspective appearing in a major US newspaper, it is no wonder Christians have such a hard time being taken seriously in the public arena.