See caution at the beginning of “The Mystical And Visionary Thinking Of Teilhard de Chardin #1″

Wednesday 21 September 2016

On this planet if we are going to coalesce and coexist each person is going to have to give up a degree of autonomy for the whole. This is not about loss of the individual. We see this quality in choirs. What is the appropriate body for this to happen? Teilhard says it is not about a bunch of enlightened people.

We need to deepen our attention to the moment. Perceive synchronicity. Watch and notice how this body moves.


The only stable thing over the development of the universe is dynamism. Everything is in the process of developing. It is all in movement from one phase to another.

How are they moving? Is there a pattern? Can you detect a current?

“Intelligent design” is not his understanding but there is a design in the thing. Over the long haul there is predictability and design. Teilhard would say it is an inbuilt thing. The aptitude to self-design is within the body.

“The Teilhardian Law” – he was not a theologian or a metahpysician. He was looking at the world through the eyes of a geologist and a paleontologist.

On the surface it looks like chaos. By you can see a “privileged axis”. There is a golden thread to lead you out of the labyrinth.

In any structure, the more articulated and complexified it is, there is a proportional degree of its ability to manifest consciousness.

The qualities of consciousness are: freedom, spontaneity, unpredictability, responsiveness.

We as humans know that we have consciousness. Added to our awareness is our self-reflexive consciousness. We are aware that we are aware.

Complexity – things have a tendency to clump. Things come together and something of personal autonomy is given up. But what is gained is something new. Capacities that did not exist before – a “we” is developed – not just “I” and “you” – eg. marriage.

We give ups some free range for developing new levels of consciousness, agency, providence, responsivity.

This pattern is consistent over 14 billion years of the universe.

After the big bang things began expanding, but eventually at different rates and therefore there became differentials, and more and more under the sway of gravity.

Our present conditions are the perfect conditions for developing consciousness.

We usually experience constriction as a negative force; but this is how things grow. Teilhard accepted this constraint in his own life. The evolutionary process only works under pressure.

Only when you willingly accept constriction can the movement forward happen.

Spirituality is not about accumulating new experiences.

The very conditions of your life are what will take you there interiorly.

Intentional suffering = as long as you are fighting it, it won’t work in the same way as when you are able to consciously embrace it.

What about Syrian refugees, Holocaust, etc? Where is choice possible?

We can carry burdens for each other. Find your own internal “yes” – eg. Etty Hillesum. Even in situations that seem helpless, you can do your own work in voluntary self-donation to the whole planet.

Our own private practice needs to be brought into the service of the whole unity. Is your work for yourself or in deep submission to the greater reality.