See caution at the beginning of “The Mystical And Visionary Thinking Of Teilhard de Chardin #1”

Wednesday pm 21 September 2016

Complexity – not same as size – eg. stars are not complex.

All parts hold together with a master tuning fork. If one part dies the whole thing collapses. There is a differentiation of function but all is held together with a unity – relationality, sets up the conditions for deeper unity.

“To be is to be more united.”

Unity does not mean sameness. Unity is an alchemical by-product of relationality – the exchange of parts.

The more unified, the more it can support diversity. The more differentiation, the more faceted the unity can be. Clear pane of glass plus colour = differentiation. Older stained glass = complexity of colour.

Rilke – love is not merging.

Each of us needs to become the world to oneself to become the world of another. The more there is of us, the more there is to love.

Paul – we are all members of one another – foreshadowing what Teilhard is saying. Don’t want everyone to be the same; this is boring.

Consciousness as the emergent property of a system that had self-articulated.

Unity diversifies/ diversity unifies.

If the whole is strong, it will create and demand space to diversify.

This happens by involution, the opposite of evolution.

“Enroulement” (“folding back on itself”) is the drive-shaft of evolution.

Security line – rather than one straight line, form a snake line. People feel calmer than with the long straight line. There is some exchange in the snake line. It encourages relationality.

Embryology – early phases of division of cells – mytosis of cell into 4 – the next stage is a differentiation of internal and external cells – eg. of the heart, the exodermis.

The first tissue to form is blood and a few hours after conception – relationality and exchange are there from the beginning.

“double” – doubling back on itself – bending back on themselves, “coiled in on itself.”

What is meant by “consciousness”?

1. Interiority – the inside of things / within

2. Freedom – the capacity to make choices, unpredictable

3. Spontaneity – he sees creativity as a basic unit of life in general

4. Spirit – the more you manifest consciousness, the more you manifest spirit

Consciousness/conscience – right and wrong. We tend to see them as more heady. It is better to translate conscience without the moralistic tones – needs to have a heart sense to it – responsivity to truth, goodness and love.

Which can come first mind or consciousness?

Teilhard – consciousness comes first. This is the fundamental stuff of the universe.

Something holds the whole thing together.

We need to factor in dark matter – doesn’t emerge as a thing, but another dimension.

Consciousness itself is undetectable at a certain level.

Not saying that matter creates consciousness, but matter is necessary for the manifestation of consciousness.

We tend to equate materiality with corruption.

Teilhard felt drawn to spirit but also appreciated matter. Matter is not to be denied but transformed through joining together by creating higher vessels to manifest. The divine shattering into form and then seeking itself.

Teilhard does not look at why. He presents the conditions and does not consider it a mistake.

Moving from the unorganized multitude to the organized multiple.

The yearning to be known and show what the depths of love looks like is fundamental – Sufi saying, “I was a hidden treasure longing to be known.” There is a yearning to show forth the depth of being.

Love grows from out of complexification. We need to build a vessel big enough / sturdy enough to hold the depths of this love. Need more space.

We need to bear the beams of love together. We need the other to be expressed eg. choir.

Learn to bear the yearning, to ride it. Usually look at yearning as an unpleasant sensation, instead, see it as the tether to presence = the object of love.

Nothing finite can contain the fullness of love.  The force of love is infinite and cannot be satiated in one person. As love grows, yearning increases also. It has to be borne in your own heart = containment.

Enter the field of your heart as sensation rather than emotion – find pure intimacy in the heart. This is not about neediness. Intimacy is a natural characteristic of the heart – then you can bestow it everywhere it is received. No longer about my need to experience.

Watch emotional needs – love as responsivity doesn’t have emotional baggage.

Teilhard writes about the play of chance. Once the situation is set up, there is something that knows how to move.

There is a systemic recognition when something is going to work.