See caution at the beginning of “The Mystical And Visionary Thinking Of Teilhard de Chardin #1”

Thursday am 22 September 2016

Consciousness is the flow of information across complex levels of relationship, the greater the degree of relationship the greater the flow.

The eye of the needle is Teilhard’s assertion that evolution is convergent. This is about evolution on this planet, not about the entire universe which is about expansion.

Evolution comes to a point. This is counter-intuitive. Teilhard is on his own on this one. The scientific world thought we were expanding.

Teilhard is a seer. He bases his conclusions on empirical evidence. Presumably the earth will implode at this point. His seeing is based on the physical-structural realities.

The spherical shape of the globe implies inherent restrictions.

“Enroulement” – things rolling in = fundamental evolutionary principle – the bending back of convergence. Convergence is the on-going process of complexification. The condition necessary for the on-going rise of evolution.

A system only works under tension. Pressure is often in a finite container.

Freedom = growth comes through constraint. We need to pay attention to the cost. This works best when it is voluntary, if not there will be anger and judgment.

We have the freedom to say “Yes” to the conditions of our life. This is ultimately the paschal mystery.

Choosing life doesn’t necessarily mean choosing human life.

We need to sit with the finitude of this planet and grieve about this, but without horror. Its a death but not the end.  It may put consciousness in remission, but it will come back. We must draw deeper.

As a wider community, we will need to develop a new body – “We” not at the horizontal level or the emotive, on a different level than this. The sentimental won’t hold. Utopian community does not work.

It needs to be based at the witnessing level/ non-dual in the service of some centre that feeds it, on the other side of our deep sense of remorse and lament for what we let the earth become.

Consciousness emerges with the development of an external. Articulation through convergence – the need to coral; this is not an escape route.

Love is nothing or more or less the psychic convergence of the universe.

Consciousness is the condition for the full expression of love.

Teilhard’s teaching is sensation based. We need to ground our feet on the ground.

Consciousness will only manifest under tension.

Consciousness is a product not a pre-existent.

Thursday afternoon

Omega end-point – it ends because it is done. You don’t have to add one more line. Like a work of art, being able to release it because it is full.

This is the ideal way to meet your moment of death. It is not unnatural, coercive, or destructive. The pattern is completed. This is optimistic but not polyannish.

Teilhard deeply trusts the thrust of evolution – “the rising tide of consciousness”. He learned to trust this as it manifests itself in the journey. He sees that the motion is irreversible – eg. wipes out the dinosaurs, but the thread keeps on going in the same direction.

Teilhard also experienced it in the force of love (not psychic or sentimental). Something is drawing us to become one, against the equilibrium that draws apart.

The Omega Point is not a hypothetical point. Teilhard knows the power of attraction written in the universe. It is an active source from the beginning. The Omega Point could be claimed by any faith tradition.