See caution at the beginning of “The Mystical And Visionary Thinking Of Teilhard de Chardin #1”

Thursday pm cont’d 22 September 2016

Consciousness is personal.

Consciousness is not a product but the substance that emerges from exchange. A unity of complexity that respects all the parts but brings them together in unity.

The person is not the same an an individual.

An individual is a lower stage of development on the evolutionary scale, defined by the boundaries that separate, under the law of the survival of the fittest.

A person knows they live in a relational field. We live in a web of relationships. We don’t live for others but from others. Consciousness and the person are joined at the hip.

The more conscious we are, the more we are open to being persons, living in intimate living relationship with “Thou” not “It.”

The collective does not cancel out personhood. In the “we” we find a deeper good. We must, know and grow from the relational field.

Person has done the work of articulating. The latent potential is seeded in the early stages of consciousness. Something in us begs for deeper manifestation. We have a responsibility to bear this.

This is not to do with your talents, but a quality of aliveness – the fragrance of your being, the Name of God that was written in you, one’s own little stained glass. We need to be accountable for this. It comes in relationship with our reality – accepting the restrictions, the fragrance of your aliveness.

This earthly life is the womb for this that is being born. You will not be able to name this, others will see it first. Openness and self-awareness are needed.

Experience the “Thouness” of all things. Each part carries a piece of the love.

We are the ones who personalize the indifference, heal this indifference.

The Omega is the end point of consciousness. Therefore it must be conscious of the personal. It contains all. We intuit this in our most difficult moments. There is something beyond the futility. The roads taken and the roads not taken are held in this fullness. Nothing is wasted. The love which defines one’s being is beyond time.

Teilhard says the cosmic end will be at this point not a cruel joke. We must trust this.

As much as possible choose the higher possibility.

Teilhard – there is something of substance at the end. This is his vision.

“capable of containing the human person, the universe must be irreversibly personalizing.”

Why do we keep saying the universe is impersonal?

Thursday evening

Attention is usually too high in the body, in the head.

Time is an artificial construction.

“All illusions are constructs but not all constructs are illusions.”

The Divine will is to know and be known.

I want to have enough being so I can be nothing.

There is something that hits you as truth but you may not understand it. The meaning comes over time.

The contemplative awakening happened post Teilhard’s death. The idea of letting go of thinking would not have been part of his understanding. He would not have understood levels of consciousness.