See caution at the beginning of “The Mystical And Visionary Thinking Of Teilhard de Chardin #1”

Friday am 23 September 2016

Christianity arises in the heart of the heart of the world. The mysteries are organically rooted in the geosphere, not just the noosphere.

Liberals tend to devalue this, to pull out the mystery, translate down, distance themselves from the power of Christ so as not to offend other faiths. This makes for an anemic Christianity.

Incarnation means Christ is inoculated into matter.

There is a reciprocal dynamism between the parts and the whole, a convection coming into creation – some sense of subject/object.

“How does the sun touch a snowflake?” – different scales. It can destroy the thing it is touching.

“apocalypse” means “an unveiling” – there is mercy in the unveiling. We can’t see the whole thing in our state here.

Teilhard’s theology revolves around incarnation as a distinct centre at the heart of matter. There is movement towards the personal.

“redemptive” – a redemptive act is a movement to bear the beams of love and so to be filled with the very nature of God.

Jesus gets born in a stable to sow the seeds of love. The cosmos is centered.

Paul comes up with these amazing cosmic visions – all things will be reconciled in Christ = third force = cosmic and organic force of Christ.

Ephesians 1:1-12, Colossians 1 – the parousia – Christ will return. Christ is the spiritualization of the man Jesus.

I Corinthians 15 – the Omega Point – Christ returns to God and all will be one.

This is the wake up call to Christians. We can draw strength from our deeper teachings.

Christ is not an “it” but a “Thou”. Jesus Christ moves a Thou across all and meets each person where they are – the infinitely personal.

A way to re-pot Christianity into a wider sphere.

Christianity has been much more influenced by Plato (matter = enemy) than by Christ who is conscious yearning and surrender which harnesses the energies of love. A new way of envisioning the personal.

A person is one who knows that he/she understand he/she is working in a field of relationality.

Deep hope is embedded in deep time.

Teilhard – as you get closer to the Omega Point things speed up.

Wisdom teaching – learn how to be spacious and calm in the midst of this constriction where we are surrounded by fear in the world.

You are drawing your energies from something deeper, a steady state of consciousness.

Let go of all sense of self, agenda, role – go and find that place that holds. Wisdom School is about finding this place. We need to hit the brick wall first.

Wisdom School is different from retreat. It is an opportunity to act and serve from a different place. How do we draw energy? How do we conserve energy? Observe the leaks.

Teilhard links intimacy with the personal not the human. It is not indifferent in the Nowness. Relationality with all matter. Rocks are sentient beings, capable of responsivity.

Intimacy and relationality are at the heart of the cosmos.

Consciousness lines everything in very thin ways. Teilhard – snow melts first around rock = responsivity and proactivity.