See caution at the beginning of “The Mystical And Visionary Thinking Of Teilhard de Chardin #1”

Friday pm 23 September 2016

As consciousness grows in magnitude it grows in the personal. Christianity makes the biggest place for the personal.

Teilhard had a deep misunderstanding of the message of the eastern religions – an absorption into the whole. This does not work with individuals. This was Teilhard’s understanding of monism. He did not know of the work of Sri Aurobindo who was doing similar work to Teilhard.

For Teilhard the work is to individuate not to dissolve. He projected his shadow onto the eastern religions, projecting his own fatal attraction to the Infinite.

His general perspective is one of inclusion.

Different faiths are bootstrapped together and, at the deepest level, they know this. When you move up the ladder there is a shift. The great sacred traditions are like the colours of the rainbow – each one is a different filter of reality. Each communicates a different facet. If any one is ignored, there is a weakening of the whole.

The fullness of Divinity needs them all like Mozart and Bach.

We need to go beyond trying to be nice and dumbing down. We need to get over political correctness. We need to feel the flame and luminosity of practice.

The heart of Christianity is “Jesus is Lord” ie. in him all things are brought together. There was a cosmic re-ordering. We have forgotten the primacy of Christ. We now have psychological Christianity, wellness Christianity, etc.

This is not a threat to other religions.

Christians need to feast at their own banquet and move out into the world in compassion. This is not about being better.

You need to go way deeper into your own faith. Take one step and then the next opening to the part that draws you to go deeper, then the next step will open up.

All needs to be driven from the heart.

The path is given to us.

Rumi – “True lovers don’t meet, they have been within each other all the time.”

We need authenticity and depth not breadth. It will give you everything you need.

When you access the devotional stream, things fall into place. One way is superficial and sacrine sweet, the other goes deep; it wants to express itself in its upwelling of devotion. Prostrating yourself before that, you can’t help prostrating yourself.

Watch emotionality and sentimentality.

Love is the geo-physical force; it is built in.

What pulls things together?

Attention is an energy.

Love is drawing the planet to its completion (outside) and on the inside to intimacy and union. How do we participate in this? How do we harness this?

Friday pm

Love needs to be put into our construction.

Purity – never letting anything jam the signal toward evolution. There is a homing call. Don’t let anything get in its way.

Faith – the trust that faith acts, actually changes the situation, gains access to the relational and personal in the field. You can draw profound support from this. We are related to some greater coherence. This opens the way for something to act.

Fidelity – restores connection. Stabilitas – not jumping ship wantonly. After you have said “Yes” to the path stay with it longer than the pain-pleasure principle.

The things we say our deep “Yes” to will continue to great lengths.

How do we harness the energy of sexuality and eros?

Teilhard felt he could only reach the depths if he kept his vows. This is not about repression.

Take this love and with this fine constriction it can become a greater love that is non-localized. This love is intense but not possessive. It is the love that flows through the mystical body. This love can flow through everything. It involves intense suffering.

The harnessing – the yoke is easy, the burden is light. Take on the intentional suffering which enhances and deepens this costly love.

Teilhard stood by what he thought was the highest truth.

Transform eros into agape, into this finer level.