See caution at the beginning of “The Mystical And Visionary Thinking Of Teilhard de Chardin #1”

Friday pm 23 September 2016 cont’d

We can all touch the love that is possessive and the other that is freer.

Transformation through kenosis.

Sacred heart practice – energetic practice for Teilhard. Meeting in Jesus through the heart. Putting the mind in the heart.

Bring attention to the physical area of the heart. Sense the actual warmth with the Jesus prayer. Concentrate attention in the region of the heart and let it remain here until you develop the sensation. Collect the energy of yearning here. Say “mercy” – “merci”.

The ability to ground the attention of the heart allows for opening of non-dual seeing – contemplation. The opening of the eye of perception.

Saturday am

Teilhard’s gifts:

1.Integrated cosmology – our fields have become so narrow but he offers us a way back in to an integrated worldview.

One reason people don’t tackle Teilhard is that he is so vast. He combines science with visionary seeing. This is integrated heart thinking.

The heart is an organ of spiritual perceptivity. His logic is directed with deep contemplative resonance.

Thinking is not seen as bad, but aims for thinking holistically, a higher level of thinking.

2.Restores the primacy of the historic Christ – both intimate and cosmic. This is carved into the earth itself, it carries the yearning.

Teilhard comes together in the fire of the heart. You can’t cut a piece out. People are looking for spiritual integration that doesn’t insult the intelligence.

We need to approach Teilhard as a Christian mystic like Paul, Augustine, Boehme

3. Bsuts through body/mind/spirit dichotomy – we still suffer from a mistrust of embodiment. Christianity is not sufficiently embodied. He addresses the tradition of mortification of the body.

The body is not the vessel of sinful passion. It is only when desire is misplaced. You can’t blame the body.

Matter and spirit are separate panels of a single process.

Spirit can show forth through matter. Matter is the raw material, the starting gate, the holy denying. Matter is necessary.

It is ironic that Christianity is the religion of incarnation – “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

There is a body within our body – a body of animation.

Bodies exist on a continuum of density.

Personhood is securely located in the inner body. It survives death.

Egoic seeing will identify with the physical body, doing everything to keep this alive.

Shift your centre of gravity into the witnessing body which is related to the heart. You are more than the outer form. But there is no good in trashing the outer form.

We are in eternity now in this density.

This shift of selfhood needs to happen in the body – not “it” but “I”.

Our physical body is a citadel of hope. It wants to live.

4. gives us a roadway that allows us to make sense of our Christianity. He provides an overarching vision.

This is not a departure from Christ but a natural trajectory.

Why do we necessarily see computers as a desecration or unspiritual? Why do we see the sacred only in natural places? Why is our spirituality so associated with agrarian settings?

You can’t integrate with the river unless you immerse yourself in it.

There is an aliveness and creativity when things are brought together in density.

There is something that is rising from our feet and that is to be trusted. We are being met. If we don’t see this, it is because of the scale in which we see. Think about the wider sweep. On some scale there is a coherence – use this to re-ground yourself.

The wider the vision, the less the ego is involved. The heart can hold much more than the ego. Heart consciousness expands.