1 Once while Jesus was standing beside the lake of Gennesaret, and the crowd was pressing in on him to hear the word of God, 2he saw two boats there at the shore of the lake;

the fishermen had gone out of them and were washing their nets. 3He got into one of the boats, the one belonging to Simon, and asked him to put out a little way from the shore. Then he sat down and taught the crowds from the boat.

The truth Jesus seeks to bring into my life comes to me most often in the midst of the normal, dull routines of my day.

Fishermen were “washing their nets” by the shore. Day after day and year after year, they had washed their nets following a long hard night of hauling them in over the side of their boat. They had no grand expectations that this day would be different than any other day. They were just looking forward to going home to sleep.

But then there was this strange man standing on the shore, some kind of teacher who was drawing a crowd down to the lake. Perhaps with half an ear these sleepy fishermen listened to his fine words, but their tasks were pressing and their nets must be cleaned in time for the next night’s toils.

Then without warning this itinerant preacher crossed a barrier. He stepped into the fishermen’s lives in a bold and unexpected way and issued a command,

put out a little way from the shore.

I will see the truth and beauty embodied in Jesus in the routines of my life if I am attentive. But, if the Spirit of Jesus is truly going to take root in my life, I must be willing to “put out a little way from the shore.” I must open to the unexpected. I must be willing to accept the possibility that a change of direction may be necessary.

Am I determined to cling to the safety of the shore and seek the comforting illusion of security in the predictability of life? Or, am I willing to let go of the comfortable routines of my life in order to “put out a little way from the shore” and hear deeply the truth that Jesus seeks to speak?