Young continues:

There’s a word in Scripture that Paul uses and it is the colloquial word for poop; it should be translated “shit”.

More than that, I regard everything as loss because of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have suffered the loss of all things, and I regard them as rubbish ( σκύβαλα – skubala = shit), in order that I may gain Christ. (Philippians 3:8)

So a woman came up to me and people wear their losses in their body and as you come to freedom your body begins to change. This woman carried a lot of years of shame and loss.

Guilt is “I’ve done something wrong”; that’s a legitimate issue. Shame is “I am something wrong”; that’s not legitimate. Shame has no place in the truth and reality of God and we’re made in the image of God. Shame is probably one of the prime motivators for our brokenness. That shame drives our eyes to the ground.

This woman told me about a lens through which she saw and defined the universe, we do not want those lenses tampered with.

When she was growing up she prayed every night to God to change the colour of her eyes to blue. Her dad was an alcoholic and a mean drunk. Under the influence of alcohol he would say to her that she had the ugliest eyes in the world; your eyes are the colour of cat shit. She said, “Paul tell me the colour of my eyes.” And I looked and they were blue and I’m wondering did the colour of her eyes change. But she said, “Blue has always been the colour of my eyes and I never knew until I was thirty that my eyes were blue.”

Even though Jesus came to reveal the nature of God, we don’t believe him. We go right back to Zeus. But it costs to change the prescription of your glasses. This is a hard road. When you feel that internal cognitive  dissonance, this is where the Holy Spirit inside you has got to be at work inside you.

As an abider-in-Jesus I see that this is a time in politics when things are being revealed. The politics is not creating the problem; it’s exposing what’s been just there beneath this thin layer of civility. We are on the cusp of a major transition. This will involve a reforming of how we see and that will change how we do everything.


We are not just putting together an angels’ dancing on the head of a pin conference. This thing about the Trinity is so important in moving forward that shift. It has so much to do with everything.


The trinitarian theology was more developed in the eastern church. In 1054 when the east and west excommunicated each other. We were left with two major hemispheres of Christianity. We in the west stopped studying the contemplative traditions.

Richard of St. Victor says for God to be good God can be one. For God to be love, God must be two. For God to be joy, bliss, freedom, God must be three. A parent with their new child. When two people enjoy the same thing together that takes on a life of its own. Jesus planted that relationship of love as the stable witness in us.

The Rublev icon, son in centre, father on left, Spirit who is green, who greens everything, is offering a giving gesture or inviting us to take our place as the fourth at the table. The figures are entirely androgynous. You can’t say if they are male or female. They are each carrying a walking staff. They are three travelers, an evolutionary moving God. You are called to take your place as the fourth person at the table.