William Paul Young continues:

Wholeness is when the way of your being matches the truth of your being. So the question is what is the truth of your being?

If you begin with total depravity, you have no way especially within religion to cover it up well enough that you have any sense of assurance or cohesiveness in your life. But it’s not the truth.

The truth is Jesus or the fruit of the Spirit, or the revelation of the Father.

The truth is, you were a very good creation before anything got broken. If we start to understand the truth of our being, the way of our being will naturally match it.

But if we believe the truth of our being is worthlessness, all you have is cover up and it is a no-win situation. You’re just going to put as much energy into covering up what you really think about yourself.

This is about us beginning to recognize that the declaration of God is that you are not only a good creation and a very good creation but a new creation in Christ. And by nature you are kind and good and patient and long-suffering and pure of heart; that is the truth of your being.

May the Holy Spirit teach us how to agree with the truth of our being so that our being can begin to match it. That is the journey that we’re in.

You want to know the truth of your being? Everything that the Holy Spirit says about the fruit of the Spirit, that’s the image.

I want to flip Rublev’s icon a bit and, instead of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I want to get a man, and a woman, and a baby. Because, we’re talking about a God who submits by nature, which is really different from our bi-polar thinking or our monad thinking.

When Jesus kneels down to wash feet, it’s not just because it’s a good teaching opportunity; it’s because this is the very nature of God. Everything in history tells us this is a God who submits by nature. And where more profound than when two human beings join together and create an eternal being together?

Even now you can go onto youtube and they have got it slowed down so much that at the point of conception there is a flash of light that they haven’t figured out what it is. So, guess who the fourth is in that picture? It’s God. Because God looks and sees in himself this beautiful picture of the creation of eternal beings in a world where God is submitted.

The communication is look to your own lives and see the image and likeness and drive that back into God. Just don’t look at God to try to figure out what the image and likeness is. Look at the deepest things that are true about you, the way you love your child, or the way you love your niece or nephew, or your grandchild, this unrelenting affection that you see in your deepest relationships of love that would step in front of any bullet to save your beloved, this mystery of relentless affection. Let the things that are good and right and true and beautiful in you drive your understanding of the very character and nature of God.

If you have an image of God who is not as good a parent as you are, your image of God is false to that degree. That’s the kind of shift we are trying to explore and talk about in all of this.