Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds. (Romans 12:2)

There’s two words in the Greek for “form”. There’s morphe and there’s schema.  We get schematic drawings from skema. And morphe is the unveiling. It’s used for metamorphosis. And on the mount of transfiguration, that’s the Greek word that is used; it’s the mount of the metamorphosis. It’s the revealing from the inside out.

So it says, “Don’t be conformed (schema which is your external mode of operation, how you live your life) by this world but be transformed (metamorphosised) by the renewing of your mind.” Let your true being and nature be revealed from the inside out.

You do know that God never told us everything. So we get to explore everything that the Trinity loves which is creation and one another.

Jesus is the alpha and omega and the Trinity is a circle. Who is Jesus? Who is the Trinity? Jesus who is God who enters creation in order to go to the darkness that they have brought to the table and defeat its power, something we have clutched on to.

John’s Gospel is full of “I am” statements rooted in Hebrew Scriptures. There are seven of them. There is no question that Jesus who is the presence of the cosmic Christ, the Word incarnate, Emmanuelle, God with us. He is fully human but never draws upon his cosmic power to function outside of the relationship of trust with the Father and the Spirit.

Jesus asked questions in response to questions because the person who asked the question matters more than the question itself. Questions are invitations into relationship.

Mary says to Jesus at the wedding of Cana, our friends are going to be embarrassed, Jesus says, – “Woman what do I have to do with this. My time has not yet come.” Mary says, “Hey you guys, whatever he tells you to do do it.” And he does it. What just happened?

In thirty seconds, Jesus hears, “Now your time has come.” This is the moment when Jesus’ time has come. And do you think the life of everyone of those servants wasn’t changed?  Because of their participation it opens up the moment when Jesus’ time has come.

Or the time when Jesus’ brothers say “come to the big party”. This is the festival of booths. They repeatedly ask him to go and he says “No I’m not going” and it’s very declarative. And Jesus says, “You go I’m not going.” And, as soon as they leave, he goes. And, when he was talking to them he says, “My time has not yet come,” same phrase.

This is about a relationship, not about having a set of principles you refer to to find out what you should do. This is about listening to the Holy Spirit; it’s about living in the Holy Spirit. And, when he gets to the party he stands up and makes this beautiful sermon, declaration about what it’s like to live in the rivers of living water that flow from the inside out.