I grew up with a distant, unapproachable, unknowable, unreachable, watching-from-the-distance-of-a- disapproving-heart, God.

This distant God is all about performance. You’ve go to to win your way.

The word “mercy” comes from the same root in Hebrew as the word womb. Every time you use the word “mercy” you are talking about the womb-love of God.

The Trinity is the womb-love of God. In the isolated, solitary, cut-off, distant vision of God, “mercy” is God saying, “yeah I’m having a good day so I will give you something, but it’s not because I really want to. Who knows why. It’s just that I’m sort of ambivalent.” And we relate this way about everything.

With the solitary vision of God, you will actually pray for patience.

You know nobody in the New Testament ever prays for patience. And you know why? Because if you pray to that isolated solitary mean God, he’s going to put you in a really difficult situation and force you to learn it. Do you understand how powerful our imagination is around this solo-God?

Why does no one pray for patience in the New Testament?

In the New Testament everyone knows that patience is who they are by nature. They’re made in the image of God and, guess what, God is patient.

The Fruit of the Spirit is not a set of bowls in heaven that contain different commodities. It’s a description of God. Therefore it’s a description of who you are in your very good creation. The Fruit of the Spirit is the truth about who you are. When you act impatiently you are going contrary to your nature.

Psychology, meditation, rituals are not to create something that wasn’t there. They are to uncover the truth of what was there the entire time.We got caught into this solo, cut-off, remote image of God who is “out there”, and then everything became about cover-up.

You know when God comes and asks, “Who told you you were naked?” cause Adam was naked and ashamed. That is a rhetorical question. There is nobody else there. The answer is “I (God) did.”  You are designed to be naked and unashamed. You are designed to live uncovered.

This is why secrets are so destructive. This is why hiding is so contrary to light. We cover ourselves with our own darkness. So what does God do?

The distant God goes, “I can’t stand darkness; I’m out of here.” And we’re going like, “Where did you go? You gotta be around here somewhere. So maybe I just need to pray enough.”

And we turn our relationship to this alone-God into magic. I need to do enough of the right stuff to trip God’s love wire, cause this God doesn’t love by nature. He is distant, cut-off. So you have to do something to cross the divide.

We have this mythology on the Protestant side very strong. It is as if God took creation and blew it up like a soap bubble and the bubble becomes disconnected from the bubble wand. And now creation is floating out there and God is over here. And then, they really mess themselves up, so God sends Jesus over to the soap bubble to build a bridge back to God. It starts with separation which is not where the Trinity vision of God starts.