Q: Do you each have any final practical recommendation?

Richard Rohr: Don’t take anything we have said as an overlaying ideology. Keep it relational. The avoidance of relationality is ideology. And we have seen what ideology has done to our politics; but I don’t think we have seen how much it has overlayed religion too.

Cynthia Bourgeault: Stay faithful to your practice. Don’t expect to understand everything that has been laid before you at this point. The mind that you usually bring, that we get from most of our cultural training, is not the mind that is going to understand this.  We need the contemplative mind which is a mind that doesn’t think in either/or, or logical propositions, or linear causality, but grasps the whole thing through the heart in a way that grows slowly.

The meditation practice is probably the most reliable means for growing that mind. It comes slowly. As you are faithful with the fact that the journey is really about rewiring  your operating system not about learning new facts, then you can let all you learn be, take the parts that have moved you the most and hold them close to your heart as we all transition into this new metamorphosis.

William Paul Young: One of the things that helps me daily is learning how to stay inside the grace of just one day.

Children, until they are taught they need to become safe, know how to stay inside the grace of just one day. We have to move back to trust. It all comes down to trust. Can I trust God? When you deal with fear you go with control or trust. The issue is that to the degree fear dominates your life, you don’t know yet how much you are loved.

Let go of your survival mechanisms that are based on control. Future tripping, creating imagined futures that don’t exist. You will get tomorrow’s grace tomorrow. You only get today’s grace, today; don’t spend real grace on things that don’t exist. Control is an absolute myth.

This is a hard discipline. 1,000 times a day we will spin out into the future.

Joy is in the presence of God and the presence is right here in the grace of this day. Joy never leaves but we run away into some imagination that doesn’t exist. When I live inside the grace of one day I find there is always enough. When I try to spend it on things that don’t exist I get exhausted and depleted and anxious, and I worry. And we’re not designed for that. We are designed to be children in relationship with parents who know what they are doing.