We don’t know how to connect unity and diversity, because there is no metanarrative, no universal truth; there’s no “truth”.

We have a post-truth society. What we have now is not a moveable feast, but a moveable famine. There is no solid ground to stand on.

Genesis 1:26 –  Then God said, ‘Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness…’

Two plural pronouns then this whirling communion of infinite outpouring love has been planted in each of you.

To know the self at the deepest level is somehow to know God.

Those moments when we come to our deepest insight about who we are at the deepest level, and acceptance of that, are moments when we come closest to a knowledge of God, so that ultimately they are the same understanding. This is not about the psychological self which is just a passing show, passing identity and is all that western people think they have. And they grab on to these personas that are passing away.

Person is an identity; it is always an identity that is received and let go of.

The relationship of the Trinity became the three persons of the blessed Trinity. We now use the word person as an individual substance of a rational nature, but it was originally chosen for a shared identity.

Franciscans represent an “Alternative orthodoxy” that is now becoming more broadly recognized, like the non-violent theory of the atonement.

Bonaventure – the supreme mystic philosopher, gives several metaphors for the Trinity – one is the fountain fullness of love pictured as a water wheel – three buckets on a moving water wheel. Each bucket empties out and then swings back. The reason it can empty out is that it knows it will be filled.

You can’t risk letting go because you aren’t sure you will be refilled. Once you cut infinite love out of the centre of the universe we live in a world of scarcity, which creates a mean-spirited world in which there is not enough to go around and then you see the hoarding instinct, which is a sure sign that the Holy Spirit is not at work.

Jesus did give the scribes and Pharisees a hard time. They’re trapped inside dualistic, quid pro quo thinking, measuring and counting. And they can’t help it. As long as you are in that frame everything has to fit inside that frame.

Until you are taken into infinite love you cannot escape this frame. If God is an infinite water wheel of love then any notion of God as angry or wrathful is a theological absurdity.

There is nothing we are saying here that is outside “the great tradition”.

What are the recurring patterns? If it is the truth, it has to be the truth everywhere. This means the Hindus are going to discover the truth as well. It was true in India 5,000 years ago. The First Nations people have a natural spirituality.

The intuitions of religion are invariably correct but they are stated in symbolic, metaphoric language and people wrap themselves around the symbol and fight about the symbols. They have a love of their symbol system. It’s not a love of truth any more. It’s a love of your symbol system. Religions are almost always right in what they affirm but wrong in what they deny.

If you look at the foundational affirmations themselves, and this is our big one, that God is relational. God doesn’t choose to love. God’s very nature is love itself. Unless we learn how to swim in that river, we cannot know God.

God is relationship itself. God is communion, God’s very nature is love itself. Unless we learn how to swim in that river, we cannot know God. If you choose to be hateful, resentful, negative, oppositional, filled with resistance, identified with your defended state which is always resisting reality, you cannot in that state know God.

Sin names the state of resistance. Like knows like – that’s the principle. You must find the resonance between the self and God. You have to keep cleaning the mirror.