Knowing that you are ready to resonate love, to mirror love, because you are love –

that is your deepest and truest identity. That’s no easy thing. It has to be chosen almost every hour.

Where your over-defended ego and your monkey mind is always going is to be picky. You pick and choose what you like and what you don’t like. You start stating preferences. Preferences are lethal because they make you the reference point. Who cares what you like?

In a post-modern world what I like is important.

But God’s love is not determined as human love is. Human love is lured forward by the worthiness, good looks of the object. This keeps you in the subject object split. Is it worthy of my consumption or not? Respect from French means to look at something a second time. The second look is the contemplative glance.

The Book Of Privy Counselling – author advises you is that in contemplative prayer you draw close to your chest a warm compress. We have to experience the love at a body level. Your breathing changes. The two identities are becoming one. Do not just recognize that this God wants to come close to what you are but to that you are. If you stay at the what, you will keep critiquing the what. God delights that you are.

Electricity is not one directional. It can only operate inside of a circuit. The only way to stop it is to cut the circuit.

There has to be a giver and a receiver. That is the gaze of love between the Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit is the shareability of God.

The mind wants to differentiate roles; but that was a heresy in the early church because they are one. So we resort to symbolic language.

In Genesis 1, the first thing God creates is light. Why would light be the first thing created?

Scientists teach us that there is only one light in the universe The light in the farthest galaxy and the light right here right now are the same light. All light is connected. Even the darkness is filled with light. There’s the mystery of death and resurrection. Nothing dies; life is not ended, it is merely changed.

We thought we had to prove the resurrection, because the resurrection proves that we are right. God didn’t raise up Buddha or Mohammed, so we win. That’s why we became a competing religion, a tribal religion, a small religion, instead of embracing universal truth.

Simone Weil said the trouble with Christianity is that we became a competing religion instead of recognizing that the Christ was the message for the reform and transformation of all religion and at the heart of that was the myth of sacrifice.

We have all the pieces.

Now I know we are living in a time of tremendous apology for Christianity. There are far more recovering Catholics than there are practicing Catholics. Former Catholics is the second biggest denomination.

It isn’t that they are bad-willed people, or malicious or egocentric, or overly individualistic. It is just that the whole thing didn’t cohere; it didn’t  resonate, it didn’t name your soul; it didn’t speak a universal truth.  It felt like a small level truth.