The mystery of transformation that is mirrored, that is received by resonance, by communion, by connection, by relationship comes down to your capacity for presence.

For the monkey-mind of the western person contemplative life is trying to teach you how to be present. When you can be present to what’s right in front of you will know all you need to know in that moment. To be present is to recognize how your mind is usually the primary thing keeping you away from the present.

As Eckhart Tolle said so well, the mind can do two things. It can repackage the  past over and over and over again, which is why people don’t know how to forgive. And it can worry about the future over and over and over again when you can’t do a thing about it.

What the mind cannot do is live right here right now; the moment feels boring; feels empty, feels not enough. “Oh if only I could be with a better looking person, a more important person”, always wanting to change so I don’t have to be present. That’s sin.

You will never know what you need to know if you are always changing the equation so you can be back in control.

How do you bring the head down into the heart? We are not saying throw the head out, but we are encouraging to bring it into a more spacious, more compassionate place. All this poetry we were reading that says, “The heart knows”… they weren’t kidding.

When the heart falls apart, which is what has happened in much of western society,  you are of course going to have an addictive society.

The third locus, or chakra maybe, is the body itself – not just head, and not just heart, but also the body.

This is why the Christ mystery is such an important piece for us. Spirituality is not a gnostic exercise, flying into ideas or theories, pious nosegays of churchy talk. Usually that is fleeing the incarnation.

We have in Christ the putting together of what seemed like the Platonic split world of matter and spirit. They coexist as one. To me it is the supreme irony and the supreme sadness that the Christian religion which is the only religion that formally claims that the infinite God became finite flesh in Jesus, that’s our belief system… you would think we would have the most developed body-theology in the world. We would have the least shame embodiment, physicality, the earth, sexuality, emotionality. And yet that’s where most of us carry our shame. The body carries this sense of inferiority. So we punish the body. We cannot believe that this, in its wholeness could be the image of God.

When your head space, you heart space, and your body all come together at the same moment, present and accounted for… you’re not hating your body. You may not hate your body. Your body is the body of Christ. You may not destroy your heart. Your heart is the sacred heart. And your mind is not to be thrown out. All we want to do is help you let go of all the monkey-mind stuff that isn’t worth thinking anyway. So you can think at a greater level where the mind is thinking with the heart and with the body. And, when you can do that, you will be present and you will know whatever it is that you need to know.