The Trinity has to be threeness otherwise it is just self-contained. But threeness forces things into new configurations.

Ecstasia means standing outside yourself. Creation is God’s ecstasy. God stands outside God’s self and projects outward, expanding the field of Godness so that it incorporates the world in all dimensions, on-goingness.

The Law of Three

The necessary action of three lines of action. The Trinity symbolizes, instantiates, and personalizes the whole idea that the mechanism by which new creation arises is through the inter-action of threeness of affirming, denying, reconciling.

When you overlace things you don’t cancel out the identity at any one level. The persons come through as the instantiation, as the feeling tone of the reality of intimacy caring and love that come through in this field. It is saturated with love. Agape love is eros submitted through kenosis or letting go. The three persons of the Trinity – when you step into these principles, and use them in life, the whole world of God  is suffused with the personal.

The Trinity is not dependent upon three people loving each other. It is picked up in the heart of the feeling tone of the mystery that is deeply and irreducibly personal.  The personal doesn’t go away. It just gives us a way to jump into it, connecting the principle to the lived reality of our heart.

The three main takeaways in overlaying the Trinity as the field, the dance, the relational loving, of a next layer that it mirrors and reflects and coincides with the law of three:

1.It deeply and powerfully upholds the incarnational theology – “for God so loved the world”. The whole momentum of the Trinity is that God makes the world the very body of God’s ongoing self-disclosure in love. We don’t have to turn our backs away from the world and look for God’s reality in the some illusory world called “spirit.” We don’t have to look for look for God in the de-material. Rather, God is right here reconciling himself in Christ to the world in.

We are part of the on-going self-revelation of the heart of God. God is going to continue wrapping this whole thing together as the one great revelation of divine possibility and creativity. We are not some isolated remote random corner of forgotten earth. We are where God’s heart is happening.

2.It builds a bridge between theology and science. That terrible divide that started with the early squabbles about flat earth and the sun and the earth and which revolved around which that ended in the uneasy truce that separated theology from science, which ended implicitly with the uneasy truce that theology can talk about the world theologically and science will talk about the world scientifically

The Law of Three is a frame for accounting for how the world works. It offers a bridge to bring these two separated worlds back together. In the world we are working out the code of the Trinity, becoming God’s ecstasy.