We are dying in Christianity because we don’t have a cosmology as big as the world we actually experience.

Third main takeaway in overlaying the Trinity as the field, the dance, the relational loving, of a next layer that it mirrors and reflects and coincides with the law of three:

3.It gives a bridge between theology and practice.

The separation of Contemplation and action is a false dichotomy.

In the law of three we are encouraged to go out from our meditation cushions and consider what if the law of three was entrusted to Christianity as our special skillful means, seeing the world not in terms of right and wrong, good or bad, saved and condemned but seeing that in every situation there is something that wants to switch, and move on.

Third force is always there in every situation but we don’t see it in our identified, polarized, dualistic state. As soon as we do either/or, or become identified with our cause or our position, we lose the capacity to see the whole situation. The spiritual practices of non-identification, finding deeper sense of selfhood, deal with the separate self not the shadow self helps us become Third Force amenable.  When we are not judgmental, we are relaxed and patient.

When we enter space in contemplation and you are dropping all the thoughts and worries that draw you back to your usual sense of self, you float for a little while in the timeless sense of the heart of the heart of God. There you live in an unboundaried, timeless, synchronistic causality rather than the linear one, you  intuit the God who is making all things new. You become part of that newness and carry a part of that back off your cushion; that’s what lets you heal.

You don’t heal your false self by trying to fix it You learn to trust that part of you that was never broken to hold and heal the other.

Contemplation is so that you begin to draw on the instantaneous icon of that wholeness that lives there, to allow you to let go of that dualizing self, walk into the situation at hand,  open your heart, take in the picture, see what’s needed, not to make you right but  to make it work.

You become at that point a conscious servant, drawing your energy from the wholeness of God and walk fearlessly into situations knowing you don’t need to sit on your cushion ten hours a day in order to be protected.

Work in the world is not going to drain you down, unless you become identified with it.

We need to refresh ourselves in the great wheel of this wholeness and move into the world as an inevitable overflow of the ecstasy of God. We are called to be co-revealers of the divine heart in the act of revealing more and more dimensions of divine possibility, of divine love.

The Old Testament is a great story of the evolution of the revelation of the divine heart. As humans evolve to the point where humans are able to make more of it, God is able to show a bit more of it.

Jesus is the master cardiologist.

What is God going to reveal next of God’s divine heart as we are ready?

Even in the midst of reversals, even in the midst of what looks like going backwards, of atrocities, as we enter that place of trust in that wholeness and move forward out of it as conscious servants of the cosmogonic principle of love, we find what we are to do, and we take hope in the fact, not that some day it is going to come out all right, but in the fact that right now in this square patch of ground you occupy, you are in the fullness of the divine heart expressing itself in love as you and through you to the whole world and the becoming.