Every conversation with a human being is a two-way street.

I was taughte God’s will is linked to his love. God loves you and has a wonderful plan, so love is connected to me figuring out what the perfect will of God is.

Martin Schleske master violin maker http://www.schleske.de/en/master-luthier/movies.html

How often we have heard, “It must be part of God’s plan.” Really? might it be that it is just wrong? We are in a room full of losses. And there are a lot of questions about some of the things we have experienced. And you know, some of it was just flat out wrong. And the proper response to that is just flat out fury.

I don’t want God to be some emotionless being. You know my fury at anything that would hurt my child, or my grandchild, originates in God. The wrath of God is the love of God because it is for you and against anything that would hurt you, including the darkness that you have started to call your sanctuary.

God will find a way to be with you in the middle of your darkness, that’s Jesus, in order to destroy that which hurts us.

And for a bunch of us its going to hurt like hell because we want to hang on to our darkness because we love it. It gives us a sense of certainty and power. It gives us the ability to be us versus them. It gave us the right to not trust.

George MacDonald said, if you trust God you will run to him with open arms and you will say judge me to the core and burn out of me everything that keeps me from being fully human and fully alive.

There is no justification for a lot of what we bring to the table, what has been done to us, what we have participated in ourselves. It’s just wrong.

Even if God can bring good out of evil, it does not justify the evil.

God in Jesus submits to our darkness. Does God have a wonderful plan for your life? Is God then left to react to our stupidity deafness blindness?

What if this is about a God who has greater respect for you than you do? And greater respect than “the plan”? What if there is no “plan” but there is a relationship in which God respectfully invites you to constantly co-create?

God as artist/creator/construction designer.

Every hardship makes the roots go deeper.

It would be cheap to force one’s perception on the wood. The art is in seeing what the fibre requires.

The artist honours what is crooked and knows that the wood must not be cut in the wrong places. The artist fulfills the sound. The perfectionist is content with fulfilling the law; the artist fulfills the sound.

We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.  (Romans 8:28)

God lets us become fully what we were always created to be.

The good violin maker respects the texture of the wood.

Some trees, like people, have suffered staggering hardships and overwhelming winds in our lives. The course of our fibre has become difficult, one-sided, crooked and scarred.

If I as a violin maker am willing to work with the kind of fibre I get…how much more will God do so. … I will only become a master builder if I am willing to work with the “despite”… despite this flaw, despite this damage, I will give this wood its voice.

It is an act of creation, not because the wood yields to the master; it is the master who yields to the wood.

Rob Parsons Wisdom House

We have all had things stolen from us that we had no say in and because we were broken, we turned around and started to break things.

George McDonald Robert Falconer

I’m today a unique sound that I will not be tomorrow and could not be today but for yesterday.

Your life matters. And even all the things that went sideways and wrong, the things that were done to you. God can gather them up and weave them up into the sound that you become.  God knows the truth of your being. This is not a static venture; it is a moving flowing adventure in which you are completely embraced, because this is a God who knows you and is involved in the details of your life.