Richard Rohr:

I told Cynthia that she has this marvelous ability to talk with intellectual brilliance but she always brings it down into the heart. The head and the heart work together so beautifully.

And Paul is so aware of the shame and disfigurement that the human race carries. We just haven’t helped with that problem in the church. It is almost as if we had to create the problem and tell you what it is so that we could then run in and give you the solution.

God is enough in relationship with us that he lets us determine the shape. God gives us an initial shape and it is not ideological, it is relational and that requires change on both sides. Once you have the three you have dynamism, flow and change. God is the energy of change itself.

It is such a shame that we have fought any growth, evolutionary notion of history. So we closed down any discussion of change. Jesus’ first words in the Gospel is “change”. But we have a religion devoted to the status quo. Our capacity for turning the meaning around is almost demonic, to be able to read something and get it to mean exactly the opposite.

Q: How do we deal with evil and unjust suffering in the Trinity? If we can’t assign moral value to affirming, denying and reconciling where does evil fit in?

William Paul Young:

In dealing with the Law of Three we are dealing with an instrument we can use to understand how things move and change and what their being is. The ascription of morality to that part of the conversation is not important.

Cynthia Bourgeault:

It is hard to do metaphysical thinking at two in the afternoon.

How does evil get in? Teilhard de Chardin argued that over the course of time, every combination will be tried. Every dead-end will be driven down. That is the shadow that is part and parcel of freedom of choice of the play in the system.

We need to see evil as one of the formations that arises in the created order. Evil when it rises it begins to take on a reality that is larger than life; it has a collective dimension. It is real. It is not just the product of human neurosis. It takes on a force.  Evil needs to be addressed collectively because that is where it is created. As we work to transform, the product that emerges is of a moral heartfelt combination, so we can live the singing even into the evil.

I don’t find much profit in solving it metaphysically.  It is a given of our condition. The rivers of pain and evil run deep. As we stand collectively it too can be wrapped in and reconfigured by love and that’s our job every inch of the way.