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time for a break… time for a different, gentler pace…. time for space and grace to be present in this moment and expand to embrace the mystery and the beauty that can be so easily missed…

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Dear Matthew,

On Thursday I signed your “Letters Testimonial” attesting to my confidence in your suitability to be ordained to the priesthood. A month from today you will be a priest.

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Matthew 10 verses 32 and 33 feel terrifying and bewildering. They appear to portray a mean capricious God who will walk away from anyone who does not measure up to an arbitrary standard that is impossible to comprehend.

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The overall point of Matthew 10:24-39 is that the most important thing in our lives is attending to our inner life because a life lived without reference to the reality of God’s presence is a life of suffering.

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One thing that is clear in Matthew 10:28 is that a distinction is made between two dimensions of life.

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I am going on holiday on Monday June 26. When I looked ahead at the Gospel reading appointed for Sunday June 25, the day before my holidays start, I realized I should have started my holidays a day earlier and left someone else to struggle with Matthew 10:24-39.

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Any legitimate church work, must begin with those who are doing the work being deeply honest about their motivations and the place their ego may play in the work they do.

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It is easier for me to write about mothering than it is to write about fathering.

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Reading the Bible is a tricky business.

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