Mary said to Yeshua: “What are your students like?”

Yeshua answered her: “They are like little children
in a field not their own.
When the owners return, they demand: ‘Give us back our field.’

“The children return the field by stripping
and standing naked in the owners’ presence.

“That is why I say: ‘When the owner of the house
knows thieves are coming,
the owner will keep watch and will not let thieves
break into the house to carry away his possessions.’

“You too must keep watch against the world!
Strengthen yourselves so that robbers will find
no way to get to you.

“For the necessities you await with longing will be found.

“There ought to be a wise person among you!
When the grain is ripe, the wise one comes quickly
with sickle in hand, and harvests it.

“Whoever has ears to hear should hear.”

Now it is Mary who is seeking answers, “What are your students like?” What is the program for being your student? Give me a picture of what my life is intended to be, then I will conform myself to that vision.

But the vision Yeshua gives is deeply unsettling.

His students “are like little children in a field not their own.” We all live in a field “not our own”. We did not create ourselves. All life is a gift. When the owners come seeking the return of their field, the “children return the field by stripping and standing naked in the owners’ presence.”

It is not by my power that I enter the kingdom. It is not by my wisdom, insight, superior knowledge, or great virtue that I uncover the divine presence that is my source and my true being. It is my vulnerability that opens the way to kingdom awareness.

Jesus said,

Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God. (Luke 6:20)

When I am poor “robbers” cannot get to me. There is nothing left for thieves to steal. I am able to harvest the full riches of God’s kingdom because my heart is free of all need to protect myself or to sustain my own little kingdom.


SOUL: Stop – Open – Unburden – Listen

What strategies do I utilize to avoid confronting my own vulnerability thus closing my consciousness to the presence of Jesus’ kingdom power at work in all the world?