Yeshua says: If flesh came into being
because of spirit, it is a wonder.

But if spirit came into being
because of the body,
it is a wonder of wonders.

Yet I marvel at how this great wealth
has come to dwell in such poverty.

(II Corinthians 4:7)

I am so familiar with “flesh”. My body is always with me, clamouring for attention, pressing its demands and desires.

I feel discomfort and hunger, occasionally pain and perhaps at times a physical sense of elation.

I do not deny or denigrate my body. My body serves a useful function and has a mysterious beauty of its own. But the weakness and frailty of my body are undeniable and unavoidable. As long as I exist in this physical realm the nagging needs of my body announce themselves with a strong inescapable voice.

Spirit is more subtle. Spirit operates in a quieter realm, hidden, secret, moving silently, noticeable only to the most attentive heart. It is easy to forget spirit, to fall prey to the illusion that body alone defines the parameters of my life.

Paul would have none of spiritless bodies, or disembodied spirits. For Paul human beings are spirit and body, inextricably linked. Paul wrote,

we have this treasure in clay jars. (II Corinthians 4:7)

The clay jar of my physical being is a vessel that exists to carry “treasure”. I am filled with the “treasure” of spirit. I am “a wonder of wonders”, a “treasure” chest, full “great wealth that has come to dwell in this poverty.”

I need to embrace the “poverty” of my flesh in order to fully bear the “wonder” of the “great wealth” that dwells “in this poverty.”

Yeshua leaves no room for the kind of body denying gnosticism of which he is at times accused. Yeshua cherishes both body and spirit.

I am challenged to embrace the incredible richness of the body/spirit and spirit/body that is my true nature. Then I will enter into the full “wonder of wonders” that is my nature as a child who bears within my flesh the divine image of God in which I was created. I will know that my physical form is a container for Life. In my body, I am a means by which Life is uniquely manifest in this world.


Today I will watch for any sign within myself that I am failing to honour the nobility of the vessel that is my body and will seek to discern ways in which the true wealth carried in my body is manifest in the world.