Yeshua says: No prophet is accepted at home.
No doctor heals those by whom the doctor is known.

(Matthew 13:54-58)

It is a truism and perhaps on the verge of being trite. But it is often true nonetheless that “familiarity breeds contempt”, if not actual “contempt” at least suspicion, or lack of the reverence often accorded remote leaders, teachers, or people in authority.

But there is a sadness to this truism, appearing as it does immediately following Saying 30, where Yeshua has affirmed the deep truth that “I am with them.”

The presence we seek in, or project onto, the charismatic distant spiritual authority or teacher, is present right where I am. This mystery of presence is in the people with whom I am most familiar. When I fail to see the “wonder of wonder” (Saying 29) that is embodied “in this poverty” of the known and familiar, I overlook the primary means by which this presence is known.

Later in Saying 77, Yeshua will say,

Split a piece of wood, I am there.
Lift a stone, you will find me there.

The Presence for which my heart longs is present in the most common, unspectacular things, people, and events of my daily life. I do not need to travel a great distance to find a “prophet”; I do not need to seek a “doctor” for my soul in some obscure remote spiritual teaching. I only need to open to the reality of that Presence which dwells right here, right now, precisely where I am.

The God Yeshua proclaims is a God of the ordinary, present in the midst of every aspect of the material physical time-bound realm. The only thing that at times is missing is my willingness, or my ability, to see clearly enough to perceive the beauty, light, truth, love, and goodness hidden in plain sight right before my eye.


Today I will honour and respect the ordinary, perceiving in the people around me and the events of my life, the mystery and beauty of that Presence for which my heart longs.