Yeshua says: What you hear with two ears
proclaim from your rooftops.

For no one lights a lamp to put it in a hiding place.
Rather, you put it on a lampstand,
so that everyone who comes in and goes out may see its light.

(Matthew 5:14, 15; Matthew 10:27)

I know well the problem to which Yeshua alludes in this Saying. Too often I listen with only one ear.

I am so busy listening with that one ear that is attuned to the temporal surface agitation of the world, that I do not pay close enough attention to the realm of the Spirit. I fail to listen deeply enough. I am not sensitive to the subtle gentle strains of the universe that speak in the stillness and the silence of eternity. I miss the song of love, because I am listening so intently to the louder more aggressive and compelling voice that speaks through the illusions of the world.

My one ear listens to the voice of my ego, the voice that wants to build its own little kingdom. This voice strives to get its own way, to impose its will on others. It seeks to be seen to be a great success in the eyes of the world.

With one ear, I listen to the voice that tells me I can establish security by accumulating adequate wealth in the material realm. I listen to the voice that whispers in my one ear that I will find contentment in the accolades and envy of others, that my identity lies in how they respond to me.

Sadly, when I listen with only one ear, my perception is sorely diminished. My heart is unable to reflect the beauty and truth that are liberated when I listen with my whole being.

When I listen with “two ears” “a lamp” is lit in my heart which then has the capacity to offer wisdom and guidance to those “who come in and go out” of my life. The two-eared listener has something of genuine value to “proclaim from your rooftops.”


Today I will seek to notice when I am listening with only one ear and will seek to be open to the deeper listening of two ears that enables my life to reflect more fully the wisdom and light that are available whenever I pay close attention.