Yeshua says: Whoever blasphemes against the Father,
will be forgiven.
And whoever blasphemes against the Son,
will be forgiven.

But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit,
will never be forgiven,
neither on earth nor in heaven.

(Matthew 12:31,32)

There is only one sin that cannot be forgiven. The unforgivable sin is the sin I never acknowledge, the sin I am unwilling to see.

When I have wronged you and refuse to admit the hurt I have caused, and refuse to  seek to put right what I have put wrong, forgiveness cannot happen. The absence of full disclosure is an impenetrable barrier to the restoration forgiveness brings. When I cling to the illusion I have done no wrong, the circle of love remains broken.

The power that restores the flow of love which is the heart of the universe and the true nature of human community is called in Christian tradition “the Holy Spirit.” “The Holy Spirit” is the truth-teller.

Jesus said,

When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth. (John 16:13)

The Holy Spirit is the force that moves human relationships to that place we call “forgiveness”. So, when I resist the movement towards truth and love, when I seek to shut down “the Holy Spirit”, my resistance and dishonesty make forgiveness impossible.

To “blaspheme against the Holy Spirit” is to refuse the power of love. I “blaspheme against the Holy Spirit” when I believe, or say, that there is no power on earth strong enough to move me to the place of truth that makes forgiveness possible. When I close my heart to the Holy Spirit, I will not turn and be restored.

The only thing that makes healing impossible is my refusal to acknowledge my need for healing.  This is why Jesus, somewhat oddly asked a man “who had been ill for thirty-eight years”,

Do you want to be made well? (John 5:5,6)

Whenever I cling to my right to resentment and hold on to the virtue of my bitterness, I do not “want to be made well”; I am resisting the Holy Spirit.

The job of the Holy Spirit is to work gently to soften my heart to the work of love. The Holy Spirit will not pry open the prison bars I have determined to forge in a futile attempt to preserve my heart from the reality I feel I cannot afford to face and the hurt I believe I cannot bear.


Today I will seek to see those places in my life where I am resisting the power of love and will seek instead to allow the Spirit to open and soften my heart to the presence and power of love.