Yeshua says: Grapes are not harvested from thorn bushes
or figs from thistles.
They do not produce fruit.

A good person brings forth good from an inner storehouse.
A bad person brings forth evil from the bad treasure in the heart,
and speaks evil.

For words come out of the overflow of the heart.

(Matthew 7:15-20; Luke 6:43-45)

Whenever religion misses Yeshua’s Saying 45, it goes bad.

The heart of the religious enterprise is the human heart. Nothing “good” can come from “an inner storehouse” that is filled with “thorns” and “thistles”.

I know these “thorns” and “thistles”. When my inner state is filled with bitterness, resentment, anger, envy, judgment, and jealousy, I will never bring forth anything “good”.

Yeshua is right everything flows “out of the abundance of the heart.” The work of the spiritual life is heart-work. It begins with radical honesty. I turn within and look fearlessly at the condition of my inner life. What do I find when I allow the truth-telling Spirit to explore my inner state? What attitudes, thought patterns, agendas, and hidden emotional attachments are revealed?

Do I find arrogance? Do I see a dark tangle of self-deception, dishonesty, and violence against others, even against myself?

Having looked honestly into my dark recesses, I ask myself what it is that I truly “treasure”. If the things I really value are my own self-interest, my own power, privilege, and prestige, then I will continue to fight against anything that I perceive as a threat to my own position. My heart will be filled with bitterness and resentment against anything or anyone I perceive as a threat to that which I most “treasure”.

If I truly treasure the light and love that I see embodied in the person of Jesus, I will let go of my demands that life should unfold according to my wishes, needs, wants, and demands. My heart will open. I will find within the “inner storehouse” of my being the presence of love from which flows the fruit of that Spirit of love who is the power by which I seek to live. “From the overflow of the heart”, this Spirit naturally produces,

love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. (Galatians 5:22,23)


Today I will seek to see honestly my inner state and let go of those needs, wants, and desires that create “thorns” and “thistles” in place of the fruit of the Spirit of love in my life.