Yeshua says: From Adam to John the Baptist,
no one born of a woman surpasses John the Baptist
so that John need not lower his eyes.

But I have also said: ‘Whoever among you becomes a child
will know the kingdom,
and will surpass the Baptist.’

(Matthew 11:7-15; Matthew 18:3; Matthew 19:14)

Yeshua honours John the Baptist. John the Baptist does not need to “lower his eyes” before any person. He has a nobility, strength, and honour unsurpassed by anyone “born of a woman.”

Yet, even John the Baptist, as great a figure as he was, is eclipsed by the person who “becomes a child.” It is the child who “will know the kingdom.”

Jesus said,

Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs. (Matthew 19:14)

What is it about children that enables them to “know the kingdom” and to surpass even the greatness of John the Baptist?

When I “become a child” I “know” in a way I have lost touch with as an adult. As an adult I struggle to navigate guided by understanding, knowledge, and reason. These tools have their uses but I most often put such instruments to service in an attempt to foster the illusion of control. Using rational cognitive tools, I hope to make life operate according to my wishes.

The rational cognitive capacities of a child are limited. A child must use an entirely different operating system. A child navigates through inner intuition and instinct. A child’s responses to the world are less filtered, more spontaneous and organic. A child is less likely to stand apart from life attempting to analyze, strategize, and organize from the sidelines.

Yeshua urges his students to become “single ones”, to be united in their being. When I am a child, I am not divided, split between inner impulses and external behaviour. A child is integrated. A child lives from an inner place of honesty and authenticity. I lose touch with this genuine inner place within myself as I start to move through life concerned about appearances and achievements. I lose touch with “the kingdom” of love and light that is so much more easily “known” by a child.


Today I will observe the ways in which I attempt to navigate life attempting to control my circumstances in order to present to the world a particular image of myself by which I hope to be seen.