No doubt it is an unusual way to begin…

but when the community in which I serve in ministry determined that we may be called to seek the services of another full-time priest to share in ministry in our community, we did not begin with the job we felt this person should do. We began with the person we felt might fit in with us in ministry.This reflects our interest in the person before the skill-set.


Here is the description we came up with for the kind of person we felt might fit in our ministry team:

Associate Priest Profile for St. Philip Anglican Church

2928 Eastdowne Rd. Victoria, BC V8R 5R8

(nb: The following profile reflects our desire to seek a person before a skill-set, believing  that if the “who” is right the “what” will follow.)

St. Philip Anglican Church seeks a full-time priest with experience in parish ministry to join our ministry team as Associate Priest with our Rector.

We seek a priest who is deeply committed to Christ and to a genuine life of faith with a strong commitment to personal and communal spiritual practice.  This person will be open, authentic, honest, and able to truly welcome a wide variety of people.

This person will view the church as a spiritual body of believers who encourage one another to open our hearts to God’s presence and work in all of life and to live faithfully according to the guidance of God’s Spirit. This person will see the priest’s primary role as supporting all people in responding to Christ’s call.

We seek a person who has a developed prayer practice and whose life and preaching are deeply nurtured by listening for the Spirit in and through the Scriptures, the traditions of the Christian faith, and other spiritual traditions. This person will be comfortable with contemporary and traditional styles of worship and have an appreciation for the discipline of silence.

We seek a person who is gentle, kind, and flexible, and has an expansive inclusive vision of God’s work in peoples’ lives and the role of the church as a spacious welcoming community comfortable with a variety of expressions of Christian faith. This person will be willing to embrace the gifts parishioners offer as the Spirit leads and will be willing to listen carefully to every person as we discern our call to live as God’s people.

It is hoped that, over time, this person will take an increasingly central role in leadership in the parish, as the existing Rector reduces his involvement towards retirement.

Expressions of interest should be directed to The Rt. Rev. Dr. Logan McMenamie Deadline for applications is: 30 April 2018