Yeshua’s students said to him:
Twenty-four prophets have spoken in Israel,
and they all spoke about you.

Yeshua replied: You have pushed away the living one who is with you,
and have begun to speak of those who are dead.

(John 1:45; Mark 12:27; Luke 24:5; Matthew 22:31,32)

Flattery is so nice. Imagine “Twenty-four prophets” who “have spoken in Israel, and they all spoke about you.” Yeshua must have been tempted to feel impressed with himself.

But flattery does not seem to work on Yeshua. He brushes aside his students’ accolades and accuses them of having missed the point entirely.

Jesus was confronted by the religious officials of his day. They, like the students of Yeshua, sought to validate their religious life by making an appeal to the authority of the past. Jesus replied to their question, using their own tradition to challenge them asking,

have you not read what was said to you by God, “I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob”? He is God not of the dead, but of the living. (Matthew 22:31,32)

So many presentations of the Gospel are obsessively obsessed with what has taken place in the past or projecting ahead to what may be in the future. It is easy to miss this present moment which is the only part of my life that is in fact real.

Jesus is not trapped in the past or obsessed with the future. Jesus invites me to take a journey in the present. Jesus is concerned about this moment in my life.

When I live in this present moment with my heart open to the God “of the living”, the next moment and the one after that will take care of themselves. If I live with an open heart where I am right now, I will have all I need when I get where I may end up in the future. To the degree that I live in this present moment, I will be better equipped to live in the next moment as it arrives.


Today I will live in this moment, seeking to hold my heart open to the living Presence of Mystery and Love who fills each moment of my life as it arises.