Yeshua says: The kingdom of the Father
is like a farmer who had good seed.
An enemy came at night and sowed weeds
in among the good seed.

The farmer refused to allow the servants to pull up the weeds.
He said to them: ‘When you go to remove the weeds
you may pull up wheat also.’

But, on the day of the harvest,
the weeds will be clearly visible
then they can be pulled up and burned.

(Matthew 13:24-30)

I am with “the servants” on this one. I want “to pull up the weeds.” I want a weedless world, nice and tidy, under control. I do not want the mess of weeds growing up alongside the “wheat.” It seems so impractical, almost irresponsible. Surely, I should be working to tidy things up.

Having weeds growing alongside the wheat makes me uneasy; the world is not a comfortable place when weeds grow unchecked.

But, I see the farmer’s wisdom. It is true, I may not be the best judge of exactly what is weed and what is wheat. There is no doubt that in my zeal to make the world less messy, I risk doing real damage.

The problem is that the “weeds” are not just out there. I know when I am honest, that I am also afflicted by “weeds” within. Like the farmer’s field, I am an untidy mix of “wheat” and “weeds.” I see in myself points of light that are luminous and true. At the same time, I am aware of dark twisted parts of my being that at times make it difficult for me to see clearly or to discern accurately.

When I see the weeds in my own life I can acknowledge their presence and trust that there is a day coming when those parts of my life that do not reflect the true nature of God’s image within me will be “pulled up and burned.” But for now, I must live with the uneasy tension of the mix that I am. Only in this way will I be able to live with any peace in relation to the mix that is the reality of our common human condition.


Today I will acknowledge the often conflicted reality of my own character and seek to live with greater compassion for the mess that is so often the world I see.