Yeshua said: Two will recline on a couch.
One will die, the other will live.

Salome asked: Who are you?
You have taken a place on my couch as a stranger
and have eaten at my table.

Yeshua said to Salome: I am he who comes
from the Undivided One.
I have been given that which belongs to my Father.

Salome replied: I am your student!

Yeshua told her: That is why I say,
when you are unified, you are full of light.
When you are divided you are full of darkness.

(Matthew 24:37-44; Luke 17:34)

The setting for this Saying is a meal. Yeshua has reclined “on a couch” and shared a meal at the table of Salome. In the context of this meal, Yeshua tells a parable of two people eating together; one dies, the other lives.

Although a guest in her home, Yeshua is “a stranger” to Salome. Hearing him speak with authority about death and life, she is moved to question “Who are you?”

Yeshua identifies himself by pointing to his Source in “the Undivided One,” from whom he comes and who has given him “that which belongs to my Father.” The authority Salome observes in Yeshua comes from the living Presence of God at work in his life. Sensing this divine authority, Salome is moved to become Yeshua’s “student.”

Yeshua calls her to the unity that is her true nature as one who, like Yeshua, has come forth “from the Undivided One.” To reflect this divine unity is to be full of light.

Jesus said to his followers,

You are the light of the world. (Matthew 5:14)

When the fragmented parts of my being come together under the authority of truth, I am able to be the light that Jesus embodied when he lived in the world. The truth of my nature as a being created in the image of God who is the “United One” will shine with the brightness of that light that is my Source.


Today I will see those places in my life where I am divided and will turn back to the “United One” in whom I find my true nature as “the light of the world.”