Yeshua says: There was a man
who had many possessions.
He said to himself: ‘I will use my riches to sow, plant, and harvest.
Then my storehouses will be full and I will lack nothing.’

This was what he thought in his heart.

That night he died.
Whoever has two good ears will hear.

(Luke 12:16-21)

Death brings an end to the illusion that there is any lasting contentment or happiness to be found in the things of this world.

When I define myself by my “many possessions” or by any visible tangible reality in the external world, I am not “full” and I “lack” everything.

Nothing in this temporal material realm is ever lasting. I can “use my riches to sow, plant, and harvest.” And I can fill “my storehouses” until they are bursting, but I will achieve no security through my efforts. I will “harvest” nothing permanent through any work that seeks to establish my sense of self in this material realm. An identity forged on the horizontal plane is always a fragile insecure thing, constantly in need of support.

When I listen to the words of Yeshua with “two good ears” I perceive the truth in his Sayings. I understand that all life is temporary. The things I achieve or build in this material realm are all fleeting. But, when I hear of the fragile nature of my temporal existence with “two good ears”, it is not a frightening truth. It is a liberating reality.

The impermanence of this material realm opens my heart to the possibility of another dimension of existence that is eternal.

Jesus said,

this is eternal life, that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent. (John 17:3)

To know Jesus is to live in tune with the presence of love and light that is the true nature of all life. When I live in touch with this reality I am “full” indeed and truly I know that I “lack nothing.”


Today I will watch the ways in which I seek to establish a sense of permanence in this tangible world and turn instead to see Jesus who opens me to a quality of life that death cannot destroy.