The thing about words is that at some point they need to stop.

The deeper the mystery , the more difficult it is to communicate. The best words for the deep realities are words that emerge from silence. So, it is important from time to time to step aside from the struggle to communicate and return to the source out of which words flow.

It is time for IASP to take a break from words.

Thank you to all those who have so faithfully followed along, especially on this Thomas journey we have shared through Lent. May our spirits continue to be nurtured and sustained by the great flow of love to which our words, at their best, always seek to point.

God Bless you all,



nb: when I went to post this little note, I realized that eight years ago today, I first posted on IASP at WordPress. Happy Birthday IASP WordPress, you are eight years old today.

(my first ever IASP post was at on 6 August 2008. So, this summer, IASP will actually be ten years old)