The film “Of Gods And Men” opens with a quote on the screen superimposed over a dusky scene of hills and mountains in the distance. The sun is breaking faintly through the clouds on the horizon.

It could be sunrise or sunset; the viewer cannot tell. The text on the screen, from which the film derives its title, comes from Psalm 82 which says:

I say, ‘You are gods,
children of the Most High, all of you;
nevertheless, you shall die like mortals,
and fall like any prince.
(Psalm 82:6,7)

Near the end of the film, Brother Christian completes his reflections on what happened on Christmas Eve when the monastery was invaded by armed Algerian fighters. With his final words, Christian points his brothers to the Incarnation:

The Incarnation, for us, is to allow the filial reality of Jesus
to embody itself in our humanity.
The mystery of Incarnation remains what we are going to live.
In this way what we’ve already lived here
takes root as well as…
what we’re going to live in the future.

We have returned to the fundamental theological premise with which the movie opens and which is the heart of the film. We are all brothers and sisters of the “mystery” which came fully into form in the Incarnation of Christ. We realize our true nature when we “allow the filial reality of” our brother Jesus “to embody itself in our humanity.”

Jesus is our true nature. He is the fullness and beauty of what it means to be human. We do not need to create beauty and love. We need only “to live” that which we truly are.

The nobility of this season lies in the depths of every human being. Love calls in the voice of our brother Jesus. We need only to allow this sibling relationship to shape our lives.

The energy of the universe flows in love. It was embodied in the life of Jesus just as it seeks to take form in our lives. For those who align themselves with love, even the vicious forces of civil war and angry religious and ethnic conflict cannot defeat this power that was born into the world in the form of an infant.

The Christmas question hangs in the night air over Bethlehem.

Will I allow the presence embodied in this mysterious reality of love to manifest through my life?

Blessings dear ones as you allow your hearts to open to the wonder and beauty of this season. May you know deeply that this power of love is our true nature and that opening to the voice that speaks within is our deepest call in life.