Some Richard Rohr quotes, a few of which found their way into this morning’s sermon on “mercy”, from a book our Thursday morning study group have nearly finished reading; it only took us since 16 February 2017:

Trinity: The Divine Flow of Love

Rohr, Richard. The Divine Dance: The Trinity And Your Transformation. New Kensington: Whittaker House, 2016

Instead of God watching life happen from afar and judging it… How about God being inherent in life itself? How about God being the Life Force of everything?…. How about God being the Life Energy between each and every object (which we would usually call Love or Spirit)?… This God is the very one whom we have named “Trinity” – the flow who flows through everything, without exception, and who has done so since the beginning. Thus, everything is holy, for those who have learned how to see. 36, 37

We see this flow in the attraction of all beauty in all admiring, in all ecstasy, in all solidarity with any suffering. Anyone who fully allows the flow will see the divine image even in places that have become ugly or undone. 82, 83

All is whole and holy in the very seeing, because you are standing inside the One Flow of Love. 86

Love… is the Ground of all Being out of which all things… come…. It is the Creative Force of the universe. The river is already flowing, and you are in it whether you are enjoying it or not. 87

You just have to let go of whatever it is within you that is saying no to the flow, judging it as impossible, or of any shame that is keeping the indwelling Spirit from guiding you. 87

The Great Flow makes us of everything, absolutely everything. Even your mistakes will be used in your favor, if you allow them to be. 87

As we “tune our hearts” to greater perception, we’ll begin to experience God almost like a force field, to borrow a metaphor from physics… And we’re all already in this force field… faith for me has become a daily readiness to allow and to trust the force field, knowing that its good, that it’s totally on my side, and that I’m already inside of it. 111

You yourself are a travelling ark of the covenant; you hold and guard the space where the Presence shows itself. But the Presence, the Force Field, is already held within you. It only needs allowing and appreciating. 113

The Father is Being itself, the Source of the flow, the Creator – the formless One out of which all form comes… In our contemplative heritage, God the Father is normally experienced best in silence, beyond words. 142

In the second person of the Trinity, we have the visible epiphany of the Unmanifest One. 145

And finally: God within us… takes on an indwelling character. The unnamable I Am becomes writ large on our hearts… the Holy Spirit is alive within you. 146, 147

Without the free flow of the Holy Spirit, religion becomes a tribal sorting system, spending much time trying to define who’s in and who’s out – who’s right and who’s wrong. And surprise, we’re always on the side of right! 192

The flow is constant, total, and 100 percent toward your life. God is for you. 193


also a cameo appearance in this morning’s “preach” from the film ‘Frantz’. If you want a powerful vision of the hard road of forgiveness: