Cynthia Bourgeault – Luminous Wisdom Cowichan Lake Education Centre 1-7 April 2019  Friday Evening (Questions & Reflections) (Nb: these are personal notes from Cynthia’s oral presentation and may not always be a completely accurate reflection of her teaching)

Walking Praxis (morning work period): The downstroke step of your walking tends to be an assertion of ego/lost in agenda. Develop the upstroke.

emotion comes with a fixed position and our own point of view

feeling is more subtle, vibrational. Always variegated, several tones. In the midst of the great sorrow, there will be some comfort.

Powerful sense of unboundaridness

emotions own preferences, tied to story and our identity. Story – Emotions – Feeling – Sensation

We hang onto story to shore up our sense of identity, gives us a sense of agency and how we make our way in the world. Move to a different sense of identity. No longer need story. You just exist because you exist. Experience selfhood at a freer level. Let go of emotional identity.

Murat Yagan – spiritual practice is about strengthening the nervous system.

Dreams often related to our own willing. Ask who is the dreamer? CB stop trying to read into the symbolism.

CB prefers to be a gatekeeper rather than teacher. Help people get through the gate.

Something begins to distinguish between what is “interesting” and what is really helpful. Recognize B influences and A influences. As you recognize B influences, you will find your life more and more guided. B influences = mesoteric, C = esoteric teaching

The practice of Centering Prayer is a rehearsal for your death. Letting go of your egoic structure. Trust that something holds you. Learning the motions

Love – found at the end of caring/tenderness. Something quiet, pulling you – touched vibrationally “stand still in that which is pure” It will lead you, following the light, a learning.

Listening – learning difference from emotional pulls

Saturday AM

Chant: Pauletter Meier

The streams of my father’s love run daily through me x2

From the holy fountain of life to the seed

throughout the whole creation

The flow of love is ternary not binary – flows through the heart


 We are moving steadily in the direction of revisioning contemplation no longer in terms of monastic, otherworldly models prioritizing silence and repose but, rather, as a way of honing consciousness and compassion so as to be able to fully engage the world and become active participants in its transition to the higher collective, the next evolutionary unfolding.

No withdrawal, but embracing the world, allowing newness to emerge. What is silence leading to? Not about worshipping silence. So it is adaptable to other modes. Orient us toward the new becoming.

Need to see through the lens of threeness