Cynthia Bourgeault – Luminous Wisdom Cowichan Lake Education Centre 1-7 April 2019 Saturday Afternoon (Nb: these are personal notes from Cynthia’s oral presentation and may not always be a completely accurate reflection of her teaching)

 The Future of Wisdom, Bruno Barnhart, new edition, Monkfish Publishing

We are a Teal school – move from narrative self to witnessing presence

The cosmos is held together by 36 conscious beings – Jewish tradition

The form is like a bridge into the imaginal from which we can receive and give bread and food for higher orders of being

Imaginal Realm from mystical Islam – our earth is like a fetus. The amniotic sac is the imaginal.

Used to look at it from the material world to the imaginal to the spiritual – now with modern day physics see as more of a continuum. Matter is condensed energy. Psychic energy is condensed consciousness. Subtle, vibrationally slower.

There is no cut off between matter and spirit.

Our heart field moves out far beyond the body.

Rumi – “the whole universe cannot contain the expanding heart”

tangential and radial energy – Teilhard

The physical plus purpose and the energy of love and attention = movement toward finer

Quantum physics – transfer of information

We never know where our effect will hit. When we are present, we are filling the “grace bank” –Rafe, “No conscious act is ever wasted.” Our trust in this is not misplaced.

What is working is the inner body. The inner body makes connections and forms relationships and continues beyond death. Can become a source of illumination and radiance.

Rafe – “You must find something in you that lives on and live from there.”

Gurdjieff – “The Conscious Circle of Humanity” – advanced human beings and some beyond their physical bodies = 2nd body (the resurrection body) – still has a personal centre

In the imaginal these beings choose to stay within reach to help those still in the physical body

Beelzebub’s Tales describes a journey through a couple of Wisdom Schools.

At times of turmoil – geophysics, meteorites etc. more frequent and culturally, Wisdom Schools emerge.

Gurdjieff, 1st School at Atlantis, not as myth. Gurdjieff hypothesizes this planet got swallowed by the earth. A meteor hit the earth, split in 2 and off orbit. One became the moon. Could be possible.

Maiden Wisdom School at Atlantis. Why am I blind? Why do I get in my own way? A school is formed. They become aware that a catastrophe is about to happen. The Earth re-groups.

2nd Wisdom School in Egypt – this is fact, much Wisdom here. There is precise knowledge in this. Ross Hudson and Deborah Jones take people to Egypt every year to discover this.

Joseph story – rescued from well, taken to Egypt. Exposed to Egyptian esoteric knowledge – Moses – Israel formed

Babylon – 3rd Wisdom School – planetary convergence of conscious beings. The launching point of the first axial period. Developed an understanding of the heart. Israel introduced to the perennial philosophy. Write law on your heart. Give you a heart of flesh. This is what Jesus walked into a few hundred years later.

Things that were viewed as catastrophes eg. Chinese invasion of Tibet ended up spreading the wisdom of Tibet around the world.

And then the growing inter-spiritual dialogue.

Love is the Answer. What is the Question? book (Cynthia Bourgeault) begins with a story about Tintern Abbey (Cistercian monastery), a feminine expression can be found in their architecture. Tintern Abbey was destroyed during the dissolution of the monasteries. Cynthia visited, had a sense that in the midst of destruction, a seed is still planted. Aware that Trump was going to get elected.

The earth may become uninhabitable for humans. In a way it matters, in another it doesn’t.

Our work is not to lose hope or dignity. Hold a much longer time-frame. Model what the human heart looks like at its freest. Hold the planet not out of urgency. Do the work, not with anger, demonization, or terror. The evolution of love will remain unbroken.

Taking reference points from the past but not copying. A living dialogue. We will be met from the other. We are working in partnership.

Communication needs to be what people can receive, not all that you know. So you don’t drench them. Let it become simple and natural.

Love also flows from the ground. Embed your feet on the ground. Receive through your feet. Pressing upwards (Downloads and uploads)

Nothing to be afraid of.

Mary Magdalene started walking from Marseille and walked westward. “The Mary Magdalene Trail”