14 And the Word became flesh and lived among us, and we have seen his glory, the glory as of a father’s only son,  full of grace and truth.

It is easy to miss the “glory”, especially in the midst of tension, anxiety and fear.

Jesus was “the Word” that “became flesh and lived among” the people of his day. But that same “Word” is present among us every day. In the absence of the historical presence of Jesus, the “Word” is not missing; the “glory” has not disappeared. The energy, power and light that Jesus embodied in time when he walked on this earth, continue to manifest in every aspect of life for those who have tuned themselves to the sensitive subtle rhythms and patterns of the deeper reality.

Jesus was an explosion of the “Word” in time. He came to open hearts to the reality of truth that is always incarnate in every aspect of life. Jesus aimed to be an eye-opener, to cause people to see more deeply. In this way he was “the Saviour of the world,” the one who came to bring wholeness to all people. He came to release the healing energy field of love in a new way into all creation and to enable people to live lives that are more aligned with the truth of what it means to be human.

John the Gospel writer calls this energy transmission “grace and truth.” It is free (“grace”) and it is true (the “truth”). We cannot earn this deep experience of “light”; we can only open to it. And when we experience it, we know it is real.

There is a kind of inner secret witness inside every person that knows when we experience truth. When we hear a word of truth, even if it is uncomfortable or sad, something inside resonates; it registers as authentic. This is the voice of the Spirit to which we seek to attune ourselves.

Listen deeply inside. There is an authenticity and sensitivity in every human being that, as it is nourished grows in strength and resonates deeply with what we know to be true. This is sometimes called, “the voice of God,” or the “guidance of the Spirit.” It will always open you to a deeper awareness of the “glory” at the heart of all life.