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This Sunday we will read in worship a snippet of the story we know as “The Book of Jonah”. It’s the whale story. But, really it is more about the man than the fish and I don’t like the man.

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The details of the Newhouse prescription for dealing with the broken realities of the world we inhabit are fairly general.

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It is always easier to describe a broken situation and to suggest a cause for the flaws we see in the world than it is to offer truly helpful prescriptions for the ills we observe.

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In her challenging and provocative article “Everything is Broken, published online in “Tablet”
(, Alana Newhouse makes a somewhat obvious, but important and often overlooked, observation.

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I have been reading and re-reading an article by Alana Newhouse in “Tablet”: Her words are haunting.

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I know it is fashionable these days to deride social media and mock virtual connection… But,

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For our Epiphany worship yesterday we were blessed with a luminous sermon offering from Judith Slimmon. With her permission, I have posted her manuscript below.

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