to love another as a person we must begin by granting him his own autonomy and identity as a person.  We have to love him for what he is in himself, and not for what he is to us.  We have to love him for his own good, not for the good we get out of him.  TM, Disputed

The man who lives in division is living in death.  He cannot find himself because he is lost; he has ceased to be a reality.  TM, New Seeds

 Here I see my task is to get rid of the last vestiges of a pharisaical division between the sacred and secular, and to see that the whole world is reconciled to God in Christ. TM, Dancing


Faith is not simply an act of choice, an option for a certain solution to the problem of existence etc. It is a birth to a higher life. TM, Turning

Why do we get angry about what we believe?  Because we do not really believe it.  Or else what we pretend to be defending as the ‘truth’ is really our own self-esteem.  A man of sincerity is less interested in defending the truth that in stating it clearly, for he thinks that if the truth be clearly seen it can very well take care of itself. TM, No Man

faith is the opening of an inward eye, the eye of the heart, to be filled with the presence of Divine light.  TM, New Seeds

The function of faith is not to reduce mystery to rational clarity, but to integrate the unknown and the known together in a living whole, in which we are more and more able to transcend the limitations of our external self. TM, New Seeds

Self-confidence is a precious natural gift, a sign of health.  But it is not the same thing as faith.  Faith is much deeper, and it must be deep enough to subsist when we are weak, when we are sick, when our self-confidence is gone, when our self-respect is gone.   TM, New Seeds

I do not mean that faith only functions when we are otherwise in a state of collapse.  But true faith must be able to go on when everything else is taken away from us. TM, New Seeds

Faith is not merely the acquiescence of the mind in certain truths, it is the gift of our whole being to Truth itself, to the Word of God. TM, Life

We believe, not because we want to know, but because we want to be. TM, Conjectures

Too long have we assumed that it was enough to make up our minds and give intellectual assent to authoritatively declared truths, and that this was the whole of faith.  TM, Love

Christian faith is not just a habit by which we are inclined to give assent to certain dogmatic information; it is a conversion of our whole being, a surrender of the entire person to Christ. TM, Love