The Christian call to freedom is a call to be, as Christ himself, an untied knot. TM, Love

We do not have a high enough opinion of our own nature. TM, Ascent

What could be simpler than the search for one whom we have already found?  That, indeed, is the nature of the search: a realization that we have found Him. TM, Bread

we cannot even look for Him unless we have already found Him, and we cannot find Him unless He has first found us. TM, No Man

We could not seek God unless He were seeking us.  We may begin to seek Him in desolation, feeling nothing but His absence.  But the mere fact that we seek Him proves that we have already found Him. TM, No Man

no one can seek God unless he has already begun to find Him.  No one can find God without having first been found by Him.  TM, Silent Life

Grace, which is charity, contains in itself all virtues in a hidden and potential manner, like the leaves and the branches of the oak hidden in the meat of an acorn.  To be an acorn is to have a taste for being an oak tree.  TM, Thoughts

we seek God successfully when we realize that we cannot find Him unless He shows Himself to us, and yet at the same time that He would not have inspired us to seek Him unless we had already found Him. TM, Thoughts

We are the Body of Christ!  We have found Him because He has sought us.  God has come to take up His abode in us, in sinners.  There is nothing further to look for except to turn to Him completely, where He is already present.  Be quiet and see that He is God.  TM, Conjectures


what we are is to be sought in the invisible depths of our own being, not in our outward reflection in our own acts. TM, No Man

We must find our real selves not in the froth stirred up by the impact of our being upon the beings around us, but in our own soul which is the principal of all our acts. TM, No Man

Our identity gets dissipated among a lot of things that do not have the value we imagine we see in them, and we are lost in them. TM, Secular

the most fundamental question raised by Baptism is man’s true identity. TM, New Man

this capacity for solitude is nothing else than the full affirmation of one’s identity, that is to say, the complete acceptance of oneself as will by God and of one’s lot as given by God. TM, Conjectures

It is the person who has fully realized his identity and accepted it, that is able not only to face God in solitude but also to meet his brother in love and collaboration.  He is the one best fitted to ‘pray with’ others in unity. TM, Conjectures