The moment the first man sprang into being, moved by the breath of God, the depths of the centre of his perfect soul blazed with the silent, magnificent flame of Wisdom. TM, New Man

Poised over the bright abyss of an interior purity that was perfectly serene because perfectly unconcerned with itself, Adam knew… that he possessed the truth, shining in the clean mirror of his own spirit.  TM, New Man

Adam knew that his very spirit existed in and by and for the Truth.  That Truth was more than a transcendental property of being.  TM, New Man

Adam saw himself in the Truth Who is a personal Absolute, the Lord of life and death, the Living God.  He knew that he was himself real because he was loved by Him Who IS.  TM, New Man

the image of God in the soul is the ‘seat’ of God’s presence in the soul.  TM, New Man

human nature in its essence was not ruined, only weakened, by original sin.  TM, New Man

St. Bernard sees the fall not as a descent from the supernatural to the natural, but as a collapse into ambivalence in which the historical ‘nature’ in which man was actually created for supernatural union with God is turned upside down and inside out, and yet still retains its innate capacity and ‘need’ for divine union.  TM, New Man

The human soul is still the image of God, and no matter how far it travels away from Him into the regions of unreality, it never becomes so completely unreal that its original destiny can cease to torment it with a need to return to itself in God, and become, once again, real. TM, New Man

Since we are created in the Word and are sustained at every moment by Him, the uncreated Image of God, in Whom we live and have our being, He is always present in the depths of our souls.  TM, New Man

the supernatural life is the reformation in us of the image and likeness of God by grace and divine love. TM, New Man

Our very creation itself is a beginning of revelation.  Making us in His image, God reveals Himself to us, we are already His words to ourselves! TM, Dancing

Our very creation itself is a vocation to union with God and our life, and in the world around us, if we persist in honesty and simplicity, cannot help speaking of Him and of our calling. TM, Dancing


It is not so much the presence of concepts in the mind that interferes with the ‘obscure’ mystical illumination of the soul, as the desire to reach God through concepts. TM, Ascent

our concepts of God are but analogies, even though they be true. TM, Ascent

If we attribute too much power to our ‘clear ideas’ of God, we will end up by making ourselves a god in our own image, out of those clear ideas.  TM, Ascent

we must not be so obsessed with verbal correctness that we never go beyond the words to the ineffable reality which they attempt to convey. TM, New Seeds